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The New Age CFO: Driving Business Outcomes with Generative AI

CFOs can no longer remain isolated from technology and focus only on numbers. They need to leverage cutting edge technologies for growth advantage and cost optimization. Here is an AI Service Desk that can help finance leaders to automate all L1 tasks and employee support within MS Teams. Save overheads, reduce bottlenecks, and enhance business performance with

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" operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, supporting onsite and remote workers."
Gabe Cortina
CTO, Bunim Murray Productions
" is a Force Multiplier "
Marcus Chow
IT Lead, Patelco Credit Union
" Comprehensive Employee Support Platform. "
Sandeep Sharma
CTO & CPO, Authbridge
" Our Virtual Assistant from is actually our Chief Knowledge Officer. "
Hari Abburi
Managing Partner at Preparation Company.
" IT digital assistant, has brought clarity through its emphasis on cognitive automation "
Steve Goldberg
HCM Industry Analyst
Experience Next-Level Employee Support and Productivity
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Generative AI

Deploy a highly capable GAI Chatbot across your enterprise and empower your teams with real-time IT support and enhanced service desk experience.

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Pre-Trained Model already comes trained on millions of IT knowledge articles and builds upon your enterprise-specific knowledge to provide futuristic support.

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Data Safety & Privacy

Your knowledge and data remain yours, forever. does not let your enterprise knowledge become a part of the internet’s data or accessible to anyone.

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Minimized Service Desk Friction

By reducing manual effort and allowing employees to interact with intelligent chatbots, we make work more engaging and enjoyable. Bring your entire enterprise knowledge under a centralized AI service desk and experience the ROI.

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Futuristic Service Desk

We are proud to bring tomorrow’s futuristic technology for your organizational benefit today. Play around with and experience it yourself.

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Competitive Advantage

With, your organization will have a competitive advantage over its competitors, thanks to the seamless and effective employee support experience that you offer.

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