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Blooming in G2 Spring 2023: Wins 5 Badges

We are the most liked and highly recommended help desk technology across the globe! Don’t take our word for it - ask our customers or simply try us out. brings incredibly powerful ChatGPT-like technology for employee support within MS Teams. Transform your employee support processes, HR desk, and ITSM forever.

" operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, supporting onsite and remote workers."
Gabe Cortina
CTO, Bunim Murray Productions
" is a Force Multiplier "
Marcus Chow
IT Lead, Patelco Credit Union
" Comprehensive Employee Support Platform. "
Sandeep Sharma
CTO & CPO, Authbridge
" Our Virtual Assistant from is actually our Chief Knowledge Officer. "
Hari Abburi
Managing Partner at Preparation Company.
" IT digital assistant, has brought clarity through its emphasis on cognitive automation "
Steve Goldberg
HCM Industry Analyst
Experience Next-Level Employee Support and Productivity
Generative AI Employee Experience

The ChatGPT-like ITSM Chatbot leverages advanced natural language processing and algorithms, similar to ChatGPT, to provide an intuitive and personalized experience for employees seeking IT support within Microsoft Teams.

Smart Feedback Loop's "Twitter-Age" Knowledge Management with Smart Feedback Loop ensures that the ChatGPT-like ITSM Chatbot continuously learns and improves from every interaction, delivering even more accurate and relevant responses over time.

Ingests Existing Knowledge

The ChatGPT-like ITSM Chatbot can quickly learn from a range of enterprise knowledge documents, including SharePoint folders, technical manuals, and customer support FAQs, to provide immediate and relevant responses to employee queries.

Enhance Employee Experience

By reducing manual effort and allowing employees to interact with intelligent chatbots, we make work more engaging and enjoyable.

Out-of-the-Box Integration Hub's integration hub offers seamless integration with 1000+ enterprise software applications, enabling employees to access all the tools and resources they need from a single platform.

Auto-Resolve Up to 65% Tickets

We don't track, we auto-resolve issues. can help you minimize your ticket volumes in half by resolving the employee issues automatically, eliminating the need to create tickets.

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