Leverage Microsoft Teams To Transform Employee Support

Don't settle for a boring support system. Rezolve.ai will make your employee service desk a thrilling ride your team won't want to get off of!

  • Rezolve.ai's smart features = employee service desk bliss within MS Teams.
  • Rev up your support system with Rezolve.ai's chatbot and automation tools.
  • Say goodbye to chaos and hello to order with Rezolve.ai's streamlined approach to employee support.
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" Rezolve.ai operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, supporting onsite and remote workers."
Gabe Cortina
CTO, Bunim Murray Productions
" Rezolve.ai is a Force Multiplier "
Marcus Chow
IT Lead, Patelco Credit Union
" Comprehensive Employee Support Platform. "
Sandeep Sharma
CTO & CPO, Authbridge
" Our Virtual Assistant from Rezolve.ai is actually our Chief Knowledge Officer. "
Hari Abburi
Managing Partner at Preparation Company.
" IT digital assistant, has brought clarity through its emphasis on cognitive automation "
Steve Goldberg
HCM Industry Analyst
Auto-Resolve Up to 65% Tickets

We don't track, we auto-resolve issues. Rezolve.ai can help you minimize your ticket volumes in half by resolving the employee issues automatically, eliminating the need to create tickets.

Boost Agent Productivity

All ticketing systems provide what agents require; Rezolve.ai provides what they desire. We boost your agent productivity by bringing all communications within MS Teams.

1000+ Out-of-Box Integrations

Rezolve.ai provides out-of-the-box connectivity to 1000+ industry-leading apps. This helps automate complex processes and workflows while enhancing employee productivity and satisfaction.

Enhance Service Levels

Cut first response time from hours to seconds with 24*7 automated support. Reduce Mean Time to Resolution, improve NPS, shrink cost per ticket. Rezolve.ai helps you deliver service like never before.

ChatGPT Powered Knowledge Base With Smart Feedback Loop

Get rights answers for common questions like “How do I get set up with VPN” or “How to build a Salesforce report” with Rezolve.ai, empowering employees with instant support.

Task Automation Skills

Automate all time-consuming routine tasks and processes to reduce agent and employees effort, save time, and enhance productivity.

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