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Getting Started

What is

Workato helps you automate business workflows across cloud and on-premises apps. For example, automate quote-to-cash business processes which may involve transferring data between apps such as Salesforce, Netsuite, new window), and Apttus.

Workato combines an enterprise-grade workflow automation platform with the ease of use expected from consumer apps, enabling both business and IT users to quickly build workflow automations.

Enterprise-grade foundation

The Workato platform has a powerful feature set to handle real-world problems, including the integration of applications, data, and people. Both cloud-based and on-premises systems are supported. The runtime system is designed for security, robustness, reliability, and high performance.

Citizen integrators

Workato is the only integration platform that was built from the ground up to support a single design interface for developer/IT and citizen integrators, ensuring that citizens and IT have access to the same ease-of-use driven productivity improvements, and at the same time offering citizens the same power and capability available to IT.

Conversational integration

Workato provides a chat-based (Slack, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Spark, and IBM Workspace) bot-building platform for building compelling UX centered around integrations and workflows.

IT governance

Governance is a key requirement for any platform that allows business users to work with corporate data. Workato Aegis is a management tool that provides cross-enterprise visibility into users and usage, integration processes, and the applications they connect. Workato Aegis supports assigning different levels of responsibility and visibility within the platform, and enables collaboration between business and IT users. It enables the implementation and enforcement of policies to improve security and governance across all Workato users within an enterprise.

Extensible platform

Workato's platform is extensible to add support for new applications beyond the many that are available pre-built. A powerful and configurable REST data connector allows integration with many systems without writing any code. Workato also provides a Connector SDK that handles and abstracts multiple aspects of application and data integration for cases where custom development is required. Existing connectors can be extended via the SDK or via adding functions from the REST connector. In addition, a public API allows control of recipes from third-party applications.

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