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Community connectors

The Workato community is a fast and easy way to get a head-start on your integrations. When you're unable to find a connector out of Workato's library of connectors, head over to the Workato community to search for connectors built by other developers. This allows you to immediately start building recipes rather than having to build that connector yourself. Anyone from the Workato community can build and contribute custom connectors using Workato's connector SDK.


Are you looking to build a connector to your own application? Contact our partnerships team today to join our technology partner program. We'll give you a dedicated developer account as well as the tools and training to get your connector up and running. Find out more about why you should build with Workato.

How do I find and install community connectors?

You can easily find community connectors when searching for them in the recipe editor. They will show up alongside Workato's native connectors but in a separate section. Clicking on a community connector will bring you directly to the connector listing page in the community library. Take note that when you use Community Connectors, you agree to our community policy(opens new window) regarding usage of Community Connectors.

Search for recipe editor

For public listings, click the install button on top right hand corner

Alongside this, you may browse all community connectors by heading over to the community library(opens new window). Anyone has access to the community library and there are also no limits to the number of connectors you can install for your workspace. Simply Search for connectors and click into each listing to find out more about the connector. There are two types of listings on the community:

  • Public listings which you can install immediately
  • Partner listings which will refer you to the connector developer's website to find out more about how to install their connector
Public listing

For public listings, click the install button on top right hand corner

Partner listing

For Partner listings, click the button on the top right to be directed to the partner's website


Only Admins and roles with developer permissions can install connectors from the community. If you do not have permissions to do so, contact your workspace admin to help you install the connector you have found.

How do I use community connectors?

When you install a community connector, a copy of it is cloned into your workspace. You may choose to extend the functionality of this connector or use it as-is, depending on your requirements. After testing the functionality, you may release this connector for use in recipes via the Release latest version button. Once you release this version, anyone in your workspace can begin to use this community connector in their recipes.

If you do have issues with your connector, you can always check if the connector developer has provided an email contact for you to reach out and communicate directly.

Partner listing

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