20 Innovative Ways To Improve Employee Satisfaction

20 Innovative Ways To Improve Employee Satisfaction
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The State of the Global Workplace report from Gallup says that 15% of employees feel engaged at work which is pretty low. Another earlier survey done by Hays recruiting experts proves that 81% of US employees won't mind leaving their job for a better offer. 

Do you think these statistics have something to do with employee satisfaction or employee helpdesk modernization in specific? 

Employee satisfaction can lead a business to success in the long run. But providing employees with satisfaction is not easy either; all over the world, as much as 15% of them feel happy doing their job. So what are the present-day employers missing out on? Maybe they are lacking in the modernization of employee helpdesk. 

Before taking a dig into employee satisfaction, let's have a look at the things it arises from and its role in the place of work. 

What does It take to Satisfy Employees? 

In this ever-changing business sector, retaining employees is a big challenge for most employers. 

As per the recent statistics, over 600 American businesses with employees ranging from 50 to 500, 63.3 percent, find it harder to retain employees than recruiting them. 

It is clearer that there is a shortage of talent in the international business sphere. To match employees' expectations on benefits and growth opportunities, businesses fail miserably. It often ends in a low rate of employee retention. 

To be precise, it costs American employers around $2.9million per day to get a replacement of employees. That turns out to be $1.1billion every year. It hurts their financial aspects badly. 

How is this matter related to employee satisfaction? 

If businesses are not able to provide employees with job satisfaction, they are likely to leave their employers anytime soon. Entrepreneurs need to take the help of a smart and advanced strategy for employee engagement at the workplace. It is more or less going to be the same - employee engagement through helpdesk modernization. 

But trying out a solid strategy to engage employees doesn't necessarily leave them satisfied. Employee engagement and satisfaction are interconnected along with a few other factors, but they are never the same. 

Just to give a thought: even if the employees seem happy with the benefits they get or the work atmosphere they have, that never confirms they are really satisfied with their job. 

All employers don't think of employee satisfaction the same. Some see it as the emotional attachment employees have with their workplace, while others take it as a longtime commitment to the organization or eagerness to contribute towards the business goal. 

So, does employee engagement guarantee employee satisfaction? 

In one way or another, employee engagement helps in the emotional connection of the employee with the workplace, giving rise to satisfaction eventually. 

When employees stay engaged through helpdesk modernization, they want to perform better and contribute to the company's growth. 

Employee engagement is no longer about the offered benefits or incentives; it's about working for a business with high brand value and efficiency. 

The Need for Employee Satisfaction at the Workplace

Employee satisfaction is an essence for businesses in general. The reasons are as follows: 

  • Employee satisfaction adds to work productivity Engaged and satisfied employees perform better than those who are not engaged, causing 21 percent more profit to the organization

  • Employee satisfaction raises self-esteem at work

  • Employee satisfaction reduces negligence or leave

  • Satisfied employees offer better customer support service

  • Low employee satisfaction means the inability to hold on to the hired resource and the huge cost of losing it too

Happy employees are more responsive and productive. But most workplaces do less to keep them engaged, and the effect shows in the employee attitude as well as the annual growth rate of the company. 

Therefore, knowing the role modernization of employee helpdesk plays for employee satisfaction is important. It can also pace up employee engagement efforts and tactics. 

Here are mentioned 20 of the most innovative ways for employee satisfaction to try on. 

20 Innovative Ways to Improve Employee Satisfaction

There are always some innovative ways for companies to use and enhance employee satisfaction in this consumer-oriented business setting. They are as follows: 

1. Build and grow your employee community - Make sure to provide employees with an integrated platform where they can communicate, connect, help, discuss any internal miscommunication, give feedback, etc. This will add to employee satisfaction. 

2. Treat your employees the way you treat your customers - Businesses need to keep employees happy and motivated. They should try every possible means to ensure that the employees are heard, served, retained, and inspired. 

3. Multi-channel support with employee helpdesk - A multi-channel helpdesk can be a great feature to support all employees across different channels (email, chat, mobile, social, etc.) at the same time. It helps them stay organized and productive too. 

4. Prioritize employee satisfaction - When employees are greeted, appreciated, and managed properly, their satisfaction and work performance increase. 

5. Induce the work culture of accountability & employee ownership - Make the employees care for the company like the owner. Let them bring their ideas forward. Let them take the initiative and stay accountable for the outcome as well. 

6. Analyze and act on employee feedback data - Feedbacks collected in employee surveys reflect the experiences these people have with your organization. Conducting surveys enables your company to analyze and take immediate action in nagging areas. 

7. Find out what the employees need - Pay attention to what issues the employees face and consider solving them forever. It will pay off in employee satisfaction. 

8. Create & maintain a strong work culture - You should learn to promote a strong work culture right from recruitment to selection of all candidates. They all need to follow your company's ethics and survive in the culture. 

9. Watch out for employee reviews online - Employee reviews will no doubt give you an idea of what employees think about your company. You can take a cue from them and resolve their work-related issues fast. 

10. Offer prompt employee support - The logic here is to get back to employees over a call or chat before they feel frustrated with calling the helpdesk. Quick contact with your employees will not only work for them but also your business. 

11. Make employees feel comfortable - Send personalized thank you notes, pay attention to personal grievances, and congratulate employees on their achievements. All these will make them feel valued. 

12. Cut down waiting time - Your employee tickets should be issued and resolved without any delay. Be easy with employee service and it will reward your company the best. 

13. Use a solid social media strategy for employee engagement - Consider using powerful social media networks where employees can discuss, share their experience, and highlight the company image & policies. 

14. Free support and training on automated technology - Make sure to give employees free training on new automated technology (AI), as well as to improvise their skills to the best. 

15. Comparing and setting the bars high - You should continuously compare employee management in your company with others in the industry. Setting the bar higher each time is a way to scale your employee satisfaction. 

16. Reduce employee uncertainty and excel in them - Don't let the employees roam around unsure of when to get the answer from the helpdesk. Please show them your commitment to responding or callback as soon as possible. 

17. Count on every message from the employee - Go through compliments as well as complaints to enhance employee satisfaction without fail. 

18. Extra benefits for employees - Your employees will feel elated about getting extra benefits like paid vacation, paid sick leaves, parental leaves, tuition fees when they are least expected. It will go a long way in strengthening their bond with the company. 

19. Meet daily with employees in the team - The manager should take the initiative to be in touch with teammates every day. This will keep them all on the same page. 

20. Ask for employee suggestions more often - Reach out to employees over a call, through email, or chat when trying to communicate personally and ask for their recommendations. 

Bottom Line 

Even if there are so many ways to improve employee satisfaction, the easiest way out is to follow a pro-employee mindset, facilitating informed decisions and goal achievement. Adapting to the modernization of employee helpdesk is also considered worthy. is capable of fastening helpdesk modernization with its AI-powered innovative solutions for integration with MS Teams.

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