Actionable Science Recognized In The Aiconics Awards At The Ai Summit

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Actionable Science Recognized In The Aiconics Awards At The Ai Summit
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We're excited to share that Actionable Science has been shortlisted for Best Innovation in NLP at the AIconics Awards, the world’s only independently-judged awards celebrating Artificial Intelligence for Business, which are being announced at The AI Summit San Francisco later this week.

AI Business, the organizer of the Summit, noted about this year's awards program: " Following the significant advances made in recent AI technologies and applications in 2017, the AIconics awards was at its most competitive, with over 300 entries across the 10 awards."

Our Virtual People Vera and Megan competed in the awards program, and we're pleased to be recognized among other AI innovators for the capabilities we're building in our virtual agents that allow them to talk, think and act.

Vera is a virtual HR assistant who provides personalized, first-level HR support to employees helping them with simple as well as more complex tasks at a fraction of the cost to an organization.

Megan, a virtual sales consultant, helps customers and members learn about, shop and buy - mortgage loans, auto loans, checking accounts, credit cards, and other financial products.

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