Are You Ready For Aiesm In 2021?

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Are You Ready For Aiesm In 2021?
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In the last few years, Enterprise Service Management (ESM) has gained popularity within various operational scales and in various industries. This trend started because organizations witnessed ITSM's benefits and wanted to extend its functionality to get the desired results. 

What is AI Enterprise Service Management (AIESM)?

ESM is just an extension of ITSM. While ITSM limits employee support to a specific department, ESM helps employees in other departments get seamless support. In other words, ESM integrates issues raised for different departments with their requests for standard solutions with enterprise knowledge. 

AIESM (Artificial Intelligence Enterprise Service Management) leverages ESM processes by employing scalable AI solutions. Employees across an organization can now resolve issues faster while gaining a sense of ease of operation. 

The Importance of AIESM in 2021

According to a recent survey conducted by NewVantage, 91.5% of the top businesses have an ongoing AI investment. The scope of artificial intelligence extends beyond automating repetitive processes. It understands the data entered into the system, processes it like a thinking human being, and delivers unique and personalized support. 

Employees can auto-resolve their issues more rapidly and more effectively when AI is being used in ESM. Employees receive seamless support and precise answers to their queries from chatbots and virtual assistants. 

The COVID situation caused setbacks for many businesses in 2020. While countless large corporations shut their doors, many small and medium-sized businesses had to let go of a few valuable employees to survive in the market. 

In situations like these, organizations must find ways to maximize their employees' productivity. AI-based ESM tools enhance productivity by allowing businesses to provide seamless employee support and making employees increasingly independent. 

Benefits of AIESM

  1. Integrated Enterprise Service Management: The most significant benefit of AIESM is that it provides your employees with a seamless experience of obtaining support. Employees no longer need to send multiple emails and call multiple times to get answers to their questions. A single unified system solves all their problems.
  2. With AIESM, all business employees can interact with a single point of contact, automated chatbots. Here, chatbots answer all the questions employees ask for, no matter how trivial they may be.
  3. If the employees are willing to go into further details and interact with agents from a specific department, the same ESM platform will connect them to the most suitable experts to resolve their issues.
  4. Such a streamlined approach to employee support makes sure that your employees are not lost and confused whenever they are stuck and looking to get their issues solved.

  5. Making Employees Self-reliant: Many organizations have laid off employees to lower costs and meet expenses, but this should not impact their productivity. Retail businesses often encounter such problems. It's hard for brick-and-mortar retailers to continue with their services.
  6. Here, the implementation of AIESM helps organizations to train their employees better. If you run a business where employees need to learn a specific set of skills, you can use the automated platform to train your employees instead of hiring experts and conducting training sessions.
  7. When you allow your employees to get trained by themselves, they start getting increasingly self-reliant, and their dependence on their seniors/trainers reduces with time. Ultimately, self-sufficient employees will spend more time doing their work, leading to increased productivity.

  8. Seamless Mobile Integration: Not every employee can access a laptop or desktop for getting support. This is where ESM proves to be an extension of ITSM. AI-driven ESM allows your employees to install an application on their mobile phones to access the help desk and engage with virtual assistance just like they would on a desktop/laptop.
  9. This puts seamless support and the whole enterprise knowledge base in the pockets of your employees. Furthermore, a mobile solution allows your employees to get their issues resolved from any location at any time.

  10. Customized Employee Support: When your organization implements AIESM, you allow your service desk to understand your employees' questions and give them tailored solutions just for them.
  11. Artificial intelligence allows the help desk to track the history of support provided to a specific employee. This provides a context to the issue faced by your employee and allows the help desk to look for the best possible answer from the knowledge base of your organization.

AIESM And Collaborative Platforms

2020 saw an exponential increase in the adoption of online collaborative platforms. As people were forced to work from home, they flocked to platforms like Zoom, Slack, and Google Meet. Looking at the huge adoption of these platforms, it's safe to say that they're not going away anytime soon. is a popular platform for collaborative environments and virtual workplaces. It is integrated within Microsoft Teams and offers AIESM.

With an AI-driven employee service desk within Microsoft Teams, gain access to support in real-time. Whether they want to learn new skills, raise automated tickets, automate processes, or understand their organization better, a platform like provides end-to-end employee support on a single platform.

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