Auto-Resolution In The Service Industry For A Better Future

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Auto-Resolution In The Service Industry For A Better Future
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Power of GenAI within Service Desk
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Currently, almost half of current customer service calls are devoted to agents doing their research and not allowing significant interaction time. Solving issues before they happen again can lead to fewer customer withdrawals. The improvement of customer service with artificial intelligence (AI) can lead to many successful opportunities.  

Some significant reasons why AI-focused auto-resolution is the future of Service Industries:  

  1. Steps to be taken: Automation allows virtual assistants to provide a sense of responsiveness that humans cannot achieve. In the future, virtual assistants will determine your customers' basic choices based on their requirements. Systems with AI technology can analyze innumerable websites and applications to determine the issues that customers are struggling with.
    With the help of FAQs and service agents, this system will solve all their queries in real-time. The capability to solve all the customer issues before they occur again can be quite beneficial. There will be a drastic drop in the customer withdrawal rate and improvement in the customer satisfaction chart.

  2. Growth of major messaging applications: Messaging applications continue to gain popularity within the past decade. Alongside interacting with family, friends, and colleagues, messaging applications are also used to engage with various brands. Messaging applications are the latest trends in the market to engage with future and current customers.
    There are almost 30,000 Facebook Messenger chatbots, which is a clear indication of this opportunity. Customers tend to connect with different brands through various apps like buying tickets, booking hotels, and getting the latest trends advice. It is only a matter of time before other industries start following this lead.

  3. Consistent Availability: Automated customer service is not limited by time zones or holidays. This gives organizations an advantage to solve customer issues as soon as they occur.
    Customers are served 24x7 and do not have to wait for any reply. This increases customer satisfaction and displays the organization's commitment to the customers, earning their trust and respect.

  4. Reliable Service: Customer services powered by any AI technologies can help provide better reliability. Chatbots are free of any false information that might lead to a negative impact on the customer.
    They follow the program code assigned to them and never take the situation into their own hands. Ultimately it helps in improving customer satisfaction and has a major impact on repeat business.

  5. Innovative in cost-saving: Latest and interactive technologies can deliver higher customer service levels at lower service costs. An interactive response system can deliver 70% cost savings as compared to outsourced service industries with humans.

  6. Faster resolution: Customers who received their issues resolved as quickly as possible were deemed satisfied with their customer service experience. With digitization, organizations can speed up to solve all the issues, thus increasing customer satisfaction.
    Online FAQs make it simple to resolve common issues, and chatbots don't rely on typing or researching to answer questions. These types of solutions become more useful when an organization's focus is on customer satisfaction.
    Further, AI will also enable your business to communicate with customers smoothly, rapidly, and with the help of virtual assistants at their side, your employees will be more productive.

  7. Personalization: Businesses that gather customer data can merge big data, machine learning, and AI to personalize the entire customer journey. This includes offering simple product recommendations based on past purchases to websites analyzing customers' browser habits to redesign websites.
    Understanding your customers' order histories, basic preferences, and reviews can improve the customer's service interaction, make them feel satisfied, increase conversion rates, and encourage more purchases. Businesses will be able to provide the right customer experience with this information to meet customer needs.

  8. Unmatched Speed: These new technologies help businesses improve customer service, even with limited resources, at speed unmatched to anything available before. Organizations can create different FAQs about their product and provide solutions to all customer queries quickly, thanks to the chatbots.


With Artificial Intelligence and chatbot technologies that quickly analyze and interpret conversations, organizations can easily transform into a market that requires fewer employees based on geography and native languages.

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Power of GenAI within Service Desk
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