Auto-Resolve Employee Queries In 15 Seconds

Auto-Resolve Employee Queries In 15 Seconds
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The digital transformation that accelerated after COVID-19 has forced many organizations to serve employees and customers better, that too in an increasingly self-isolated and even locked-down environment. Human resources is one area where enterprise service management initiatives have seen significant traction, including ITSM tools outside the IT department. 

Gartner data shows that companies can offer employees support and resolve employee queries without the need to wait on the phone and call the support desk only in 10-15% of cases. With the current trending technology, employee queries are automatically resolved within 15seconds and close tickets in a couple of minutes, unlike traditional systems. 

Service Desk Industry Changes Following Covid

Fast-evolving situation:

Traditionally, employees relied on self-service portals and emails to support teams for support, and they still do through a number of channels. The pandemic caused organizations to restructure, requiring constant communication. To ensure employees stay connected with the organizations, commuting and training play a large role. Peak demand has reached new records. 

Employees need help setting up a Zoom account, using Microsoft Teams calls have increased since the remote culture started on topics such as these, which we have not seen before. Also, the type of support or queries has been different since the remote culture began. Enterprises need to figure out how to handle this kind of support and investigate the system that does it for them. These trends will continue in 2021 and beyond too. 

"Things will eventually return to normal, but it will be a 'new normal' in the process. I&O leaders ought to take the opportunity to leverage changes in employee behavior that will likely drive IT support requirements to improve the efficiency of I&O budgets." - Gartner 

Automation timelines got crunched: 

Automation is the driving force behind organizations that wish to improve employee productivity, service quality, provide quick support, or even improve ROI through a new culture. Organizations that planned to implement Automation later had already implemented it, so now's the time to implement it if you haven't already. 

5 Steps To Auto-Resolve Employee Queries in 15 Seconds?

The new normal, lessons learned from the crisis, and the type of calls so far have led us to believe that 60% of the calls/tickets are L1. The most frequent queries can be automated and made available just a click away. Traditionally, employees used to speak to an agent or raise a ticket. However, in modern service desk management, employees have to communicate with a chatbot or Virtual Assistant (VA). 

With the traditional service delivery model, we need to monitor only agent calls, whereas the modern service delivery model focuses on quick support to employees with Automation and increasing productivity in agents. 60% of service desk calls are L1, automating them will improve self-service with employees and productivity in support teams. 

As we move forward,, a platform heavily integrated with Microsoft Teams, will enable you to auto-resolve questions within fifteen seconds, usually including three steps. enhances your ability to reach solutions in seconds in the workplace. 

  1. The employee will log in to in the Microsoft Teams window and submit their query.

  2. A Virtual Assistant (VA) will quickly scan the knowledge database.

  3. The VA will provide all the required information in a fraction of 15 seconds or less.

  4. If the employees give feedback that the issue is not resolved, it automatically creates tickets, routes you to an L2 agent or L3 agent.

  5. Then the support agents will get in touch with you directly, have a conversation and close your ticket within a couple of minutes.

Key Take Away: 

We have explained how Auto-resolution works through the platform and the current problem with Service Management. For more information on the case, number watch the webinar by our COO and CFO, Manish Sharma, who explained some interesting facts. Also, the webinar includes a demo. Would you like to know more? Watch the webinar now!

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