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In the Artificial Intelligence era, there is a growing need to adapt to newer tools and technologies to provide an efficient and more useful service to all the employees of an organization.

One such important tool is Chatbots, a platform that makes use of conversational AI and can interact with users with the help of Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP). To put it simply, they help in making everyday tasks simpler and easier.

What are the problems with the traditional Service Desk?

  • Responses to Employees’ queries are not immediate and the waiting time is high

  • Simple queries cannot be easily solved making the process cumbersome

  • The complexity of the portal makes it hard for employees to understand and navigate the portal

  • Simple queries take too much time to be solved

*How do chatbots benefit us? *

Chatbots are seen to improve the overall efficiency and productivity of your Employee Service Desk. Chatbots can handle routine and repeated employee issues faster by providing the option of self-help. Automation systems are growing in this AI era and this tool can enforce the policy of achieving more with less.

The biggest advantage of having a chatbot integrated into your service desk is that there is help available to employees 24/7. Chatbots deflect trivial tickets being sent to human agents. When chatbots are used for IT support, virtual agents interact with the users through a conversational UI to solve queries faster and be available 24/7. They are programmed to learn from past encounters (issues/incidents/problems) and they continuously evolve to become better and more helpful.

Here are 5 *ways how chatbots can help employees: *

1) Categorization of Tickets:-

They can classify tickets based on the severity of the issue and can then route the tickets to human agents if the issue cannot be resolved through self-help. The issues encountered can be hardware problems, software errors, and/or authentication issues. Since help is available 24/7, the bot can then chat with the employee to identify and categorize their issue, and smoothly direct them through the next steps. In this manner, the Service Desk is both segmented and well organized.

This not only helps in the evolution of the bots but can also help your Service Desk agents save time and focus on other important tasks.

2) Knowledge Management:-

Knowledge Management focuses on the concept of self-service. Chatbots can help in getting real-time feedback and provide articles to help employees whenever needed.

This is done by making use of AI to identify the knowledge gap based on the aggregated ticket data and identifying missing knowledge articles.

Knowledge Management can help chatbots answer common or simple questions immediately. This can help a user implement a quick solution and get on with their work.

3) Security Management:-

Reset passwords: This is a very commonly found ticket raised by employees and agents waste a lot of time resolving tickets regarding this situation. However, with the help of AI, chatbots can connect the back end to set up a temporary password for the employees. This process can be done seamlessly without any manual intervention. In this manner, agents can focus on other important tasks at hand.

Access Provisioning/De-provisioning: Another common type of ticket raised is regarding access. Chatbots understand the type of request and then sends the approval to the respective staff to grant access to a particular application. In terms of de-provisioning, it automates the process.

4) Real-Time Alerts:-

While AI tends to make systems smart in nature, the same can be applied to chatbots as well. Chatbots can recognize and send regular updates on the access request notifications, asset request notifications, outage alerts, and Authentication alerts.

This can ensure that an employee is always kept up to date on the occurrences at the Service desk.

*5) Employee atisfaction: *

Employee Satisfaction: Chatbots reduce the overall ticket volume and can help in bringing relief to the support team. Only when the tickets are escalated, agents are required to work on it. For simple queries, it can automatically resolve and thus the handling of tickets increases job satisfaction by keeping the tasks interesting and challenging.

End-User Satisfaction: As we have seen above, ticket resolution does not take much time, so one does not have to wait for hours to get a simple issue resolved and this can lead to a smooth experience for a user.

*Chatbots in a nutshell: *

  • Round the Clock Availability

  • Faster ticket resolution times

  • Proactive engagement of employees

  • Cost optimization

*Summary: *

In this AI era, there is a paradigm shift for service desks to adapt to automation. Chatbots make use of AI technologies to make the overall employee service experience a smooth and seamless one.

To find out how chatbots can be beneficial to your service desk, reach out to us.

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