Five Benefits Of Utilizing Microlearning For Better Employee Training And Experience

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Five Benefits Of Utilizing Microlearning For Better Employee Training And Experience

Five Benefits Of Utilizing Microlearning For Better Employee Training And Experience

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Five Benefits Of Utilizing Microlearning For Better Employee Training And Experience
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Be it a fortune 500 company or a startup, employee training and engagement are essential for businesses to grow. Today, the ongoing pandemic has forced every organization to find better ways to enhance employee training. Due to the upsurge of remote work and travel restrictions, companies of all levels aim to educate their employees to make the best use of downtime and provide value and comfort. 

According to the remote work statistics of Findstack, 16% of companies across the world are 100% remote. With the majority of employees working from home, in-person group lectures/training is challenging. Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning are giving a makeover to the ways the teaching approach. And this is why virtual solutions are witnessing a rise in usage. Being stuck at home, employees prefer online training programs to enhance their existing skills, adopt new skills and deal with the unexpected work-life balance changes. 

In this ever-evolving professional world, continuing education, effective employee training, and experience developing programs are the need of the hour. Here comes the need for microlearning, an effective learning strategy to improve employee training that provides a better learning experience. 

Read this article to know about microlearning concepts and their five best benefits for better employee training and experience. 

An Introduction to Microlearning

Microlearning is one of the top trends in online learning and employee training in small pieces instead of time-consuming sessions. It is a unique learning approach that is best fit for enhancing employee skills. It includes precise and focused learning on a concept in bite-sized exercises. 

Microlearning modules are generally formed to run less than five minutes in digital content such as texts, audios, videos, images, GIFs, quizzes, games, tasks, and podcasts. What makes microlearning exceptional is that you can access it on any device from anywhere. Microlearning highlights a single topic or skill to make sure that the learner understands and remembers the concept. These short packs of content are highly portable, effective and integrated into several different training scenarios. 

As per the reports of EHS Daily Advisor, Dr. Jiani Wu, a learning scientist and instructional designer, proposes microlearning courses as an effective in training retention than textbook learning sessions. 

Key Elements of Microlearning

Studies say that microlearning is an effective training approach to engage employees. It delivers a comprehensive view of the subject under discussion, and employees will learn more content in a shorter time. The key elements of microlearning include: 

  • Accurate content

  • Flexible modules

  • Collaborative learning

  • Quick and effective delivery of learning

  • Cost-effective learning mode

Benefits of Microlearning

An effective employee training and development program can bring many benefits to businesses, including the increased capacity to adapt and innovate, boost employee motivation, productivity and business ROI, improve employee retention etc. 

During this pandemic, the scopes of microlearning courses are becoming more popular, but a common question that occurs in the minds of every employee is, is microlearning right-fit for your company? Can bite-sized pieces of training bring benefit to your company and workforce? 

The reply is a definite yes! Microlearning delivers a huge benefit. That’s why it is gaining momentum among modern instructors, trainers and businesses. So, let’s explore this article to know how microlearning benefits your online employee training program. 

  1. Enhanced engagement for learners/employees

    Microlearning engages your employees better as it is focused on a précised learning objective. Since the contents are short, the employers don’t feel bored or tired. Thus, employers always choose bite-sized learning modules over hour-long online classes or traditional training sessions, as it helps them understand the subjects and complete multiple modules quickly. Since the modules are short sessions and are available on multiple platforms, it will make it possible for them to remember what they have learned and boost engagement quickly.

  2. Create a customized learning experience

    Each employee has a distinctive way of understanding the topics and retaining data. Thus, it is not possible to apply the same content to train everyone. Microlearning helps companies to deliver a customized learning experience for each employee. It empowers employees to choose the courses that suit best for them and ignore other modules.

  3. Cost-effective learning

    Microlearning is an exceptional choice to accomplish employee training requirements for those companies with limited training costs. The shorter a training session is, the less expensive it becomes. It empowers the employer to make and then provide rich quality, engaging digital sessions without much investment. Microlearning makes a cost-effective option for businesses of all sizes.

  4. Helps with the attention span

    Most companies today face the challenge of catching the attention of their workforce. The inconvenient disruptions, data overload, social media etc, will distract the employees. Microlearning, provides the content to employees in shorter chunks, making it easier for them to digest the entire module. Today, most employees prefer to gain skills without spending much time on them, and microlearning is the best option for them, as its courses are simple to memorize.

  5. Accessible from any place, any device

    Microlearning modules are highly portable. The employees can access the modules from laptops, smartphones, TVs, tablets, etc. Being flexible and employee-friendly, microlearning courses allow employees to learn at their convenience. This quality of microlearning helps employees to handle tasks professionally without compromising their obligations. 

Conclusion: Leverage Microlearning to Enhance Employee Training

In this Covid-19 era, team collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams has changed into the online learning platform. Organizations, who want to impact their domains, can leverage the advantages of microlearning to impart effective learning that can integrate into employees' regular work time. Microlearning integrated within MS Teams helps the busy Gen Y employees by providing adequate and experimental learning, regardless of their location and device. It is one of the best convenient and productive training methods to enhance employee skills. 

Want to know more about building effective microlearning modules on collaborative platforms like MS Teams? Access the webinar of

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