How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Employee Experience

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How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Employee Experience
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Power of GenAI within Service Desk
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With the power of artificial intelligence and automation, the new era of technology has ushered in revolutionizing the working of the employee help desk completely. 

Artificial intelligence attempts to automate the mundane and repetitive tasks to load off the help desk agents that help them focus on more complex and intricate problems. 

The tasks that follow the same steps and procedures, such as resetting a password or reporting an incident, can be completely automated. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, the solutions can be personalized and catered according to the needs and requests of the employee. 

Artificial intelligence is a realm of advanced technologies and tools that provides the solution and adapts according to the needs and requirements of the organization. 

Automation reduces the manual overhead associated with the high-volume, low-value service desk activities and aims at providing a seamless experience and resolutions with the first contact. 

Traditional help desk

The help desk has been the first point of contact for the employees for any queries or reporting of incidents. The resolution process has been manual and pre-occupied the help desk analyst with the mundane tasks throughout the day. A typical help desk manages incidents and service requests handling the communication with the employees. 

It is a prime point of contact between the employees and organization, which plays a crucial role in the organization's proper functioning and smooth operation. 

The traditional help desks work manually and are not cost-effective. The monotonous tasks constrain a help desk agent to provide the resolutions and hinder the agent's working. 

Evolution into Modern Service Desk

By leveraging the technology and tools of artificial intelligence and automation, organizations have entirely automated the routine tasks that pre-occupied the help desk agents. The technology and tools have enabled organizations to equip themselves for the future. The tools such as chatbots, automated resolutions, predictive analytics, knowledge management etc., assist the help desk agents in prioritizing the intricate issues which require intelligent and creative solutions. 

What are the Various Elements that Aid Artificial Intelligence?

Chatbots: Chatbots, also known as conversational bots, act as the first contact on various online platforms hosted by the organization. They are exceptionally efficient and provide the employees with 24x7 support and assistance. 

The predictive analysis provides the agents with strong and critical leads in data patterns that help the organizations comprehend the market and the employees' needs. 

Natural language processors: Help the chatbots understand the queries and respond appropriately. It also helps in the automation of various processes entirely from the start as it helps in the comprehension of repetitive queries! 

Machine learning: The algorithms work to find a pattern in the data pool and connect the various dots, making the statistics meaningful and relevant. 

Robotic process automation (RPA): Equips the physical entities with the power of artificial intelligence and helps emulate a robot or hardware. The self-help portals are one such example that is equipped with artificial intelligence with updated information and services. 

"Artificial intelligence will, over the next three to five years, become absolutely indispensable for any form of operations or support," believes Shannon Kalvar, who is a research manager for IT service management and client virtualization at research firm IDC. (source).

The elements in artificial intelligence make it the next-gen technology that aids organizations to provide better and faster services, accurate results, and fantastic experience, which boosts the employee force's morale. 

What are the Benefits of Implementing AI in the Service Desk Industry?

Automated resolutions: all the mundane and monotonous tasks are automated, and the resolutions are personalized according to the employer's requirements, which helps deliver accurate and reliable results. 

Cost-effective: the integration of artificial intelligence is eminently cost-effective as it unshackles the help desk agents to focus on more delicate and complex issues improving employee productivity. 

Multi-platform support: artificial intelligence seamlessly integrates into the present systems and hardware without any hassle, making it more compatible. The support on multi-platforms helps in the smooth functioning of the organization. 

Proactive notifications: the tickets can be tracked in real-time and notified to the respective departments. This increases the accountability and transparency between the various internal departments of the organizations. 

Advanced analytics: Provides the agents with vital data points for the campaigns' strategic planning, giving a much decisive head start! 

Knowledge curation: artificial intelligence, with the support of machine learning, helps the help desk agents to deliver reliable, accurate and easily comprehensible solutions which are user-friendly. 

The Future of AI in Service Help Desk

The next phase of adaptive and employee-friendly artificial intelligence focuses more on the core social structures and the interaction's conversational aspect. Social analytics and predictive analytics could suggest the resolutions to the current systems without the employees' notice and provide automated remediation making the organization proactive in responding to any issues or tickets. 

The cloud computation and SaaS technology will be significantly in use and help the organizations save space for redundant hardware and outdated software. 

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