How Can Multi-Product Service Desk Improve Employee Experiences?

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How Can Multi-Product Service Desk Improve Employee Experiences?

How Can Multi-Product Service Desk Improve Employee Experiences?

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How Can Multi-Product Service Desk Improve Employee Experiences?
Employee Experience

A multi-product service desk provides a cohesive experience to multiple departments or support channels while maintaining a unique identity. Let us discuss more on Multi-product Service Desk and enhance employee experience in the new remote-working culture. 

What is a Multi-product Service Desk?

Under general terms, support portals can manage multiple products and be centrally managed within a single help desk deployment. This means that you can offer different content and branding for each support portal. 

Using the same support tool and team members across multiple portals while maintaining full control over workflows, branding, and content is a huge benefit for many organizations who want a help desk that scales. 

What’s the Use of a Multi-product Help Desk?

A multi-product help desk can provide tremendous value in many circumstances and use cases: 

  • Internal and External Support 

  • It assists internal employees when they have a query or need support and assists new clients who arrive on the page. 

  • Multiple Services 

  • Provide differentiated support across departments and categories for a range of queries and requests. 

  • Multi-product ed 

  • Acts as a self-service portal allow people to get the information, they need within 15 seconds, unlike traditional, outdated SharePoint content, leading to the automatic creation of a ticket if they find that their information is not satisfactory. 

  • A/B Testing 

  • Experiment to find out what support portal processes, content and layouts get the most engagement from employees. 

Is Multi-product an Expensive Feature?

Organizations at the enterprise-level most commonly require Multi-product help desks. Global companies of certain sizes generally have a large appetite to provide sophisticated, targeted and personalized support to different employee segments. 

Although it may appear all companies of all sizes will benefit from this technology, startups, solo entrepreneurs, and small businesses can also benefit. 

Businesses may find it difficult to expand their customer support operations when circumstances or conditions change. Businesses began handling employee support with small teams, a single support portal, and small volumes of undifferentiated requests. 

Microsoft Teams provides you with multi-product functionality without the need for some leading helpdesk providers. This is the future of the support desk industry. Your entire support resource team may be capable of handling hundreds of tickets via multiple portals, not even using any of the other enterprise features. 

Businesses of all sizes spend a lot of time and money switching between platforms, making employees distracted when they need help. Multi-product ing lets employees and agents accomplish their support tasks on a single platform. 

The Benefits of Providing a Better Employee Experience

According to Forrester, Employee Experience enhances your employees’ ability to achieve ‘flow’ in their work. Employees want individualized work situations that suit their ideal needs. The challenge is merging the idea of more freedom and closer customer collaboration with the realities of ITSM in general. 

Develop the Soft Skills of the Team 

It will increasingly be necessary for your IT team’s skills to change to meet the modern workforce's requirements. Apps and Bring Your Device have already become realities, but they will get more pressing with every passing day. Could your service desk be reached via WhatsApp? It was once ridiculous, but nowadays, it is becoming more and more a reality. 

Soft skills become more important as IT roles become more of people management and customer satisfaction. To efficiently answer calls, understand security policies, and advise colleagues about the best applications, team members need to know about the best applications for their work. 

Training may be necessary to acquire these skills, so keep them in mind when making future hiring decisions, but note that service management will become more important in the future. 

Self-reliance is a Good Thing 

It is now possible for employees to work wherever they are, regardless of where they are physically located – but you cannot be everywhere at once. How can you make it easier to solve simple problems for your team so that you can focus on other issues? 

You can set up a self-service portal so that employees can take advantage of all your services at any time. In addition, you can use your self-service portal to answer frequently asked questions or inform employees about important calls. The one-stop-shop for your services is a great one-stop-shop for your employees. Check out this blog by my colleague Jeroen for a great guide to developing high-performing self-service portals. 

But it is important to have a good knowledge base for a self-service portal. Knowledge management and “Shift-Left” are extremely important to the modern service desk. An uninterrupted flow of employees during business hours is the most important factor of workforce enablement. Self-service or first-line call resolution reduces interruptions for employees and agents. Knowledge management is the key to getting there. 

Employee Experience Measurement 

It’s also becoming increasingly vital to keep track of customer sentiment. The simplest way to achieve this is to use a traditional star rating system at the close of the call, but you might also wish to experiment with other metrics. Don’t forget to track the Experience: go beyond SLAs. 

Do you struggle with customer feedback? Never hold back on sharing feedback reports with your employees. This is a great way for you to demonstrate to your employees that you value their comments and you don’t shy away from transparency. Show your employees you take their suggestions seriously, and they’ll keep providing insights. 

Employee Engagement Management 

Consider appointing a Customer Satisfaction Manager if you don't already have one. This person is specifically set up in your department to listen to employees' needs and relay them to the rest of the team. It makes it easier to hear the needs of employees and communicate with them more effectively. 

The main tip you need to know here is to hire someone who truly cares about customer care. This makes your organization more likely to respond positively to user feedback. 

Customer service is one of the biggest expenses' businesses have. Businesses must constantly listen to their employees if they want to ensure customer satisfaction. This entails assembling a team of dedicated agents dedicated to handling any potential or existing problems a customer might encounter. 

These companies must work harder and find ways to save time to fulfill market demands. Improved technology not only saves time but also results in greater efficiency that results in more satisfied employees. 

Money and Time 

You have likely heard the phrase "time is money" more than once in your life. Why is it so common? Because it is actually so true. Therefore, improving the efficiency of your customer service team should always be a priority. 

  • Customer service representatives will have more time

  • To be able to serve multiple employees.

  • Reducing call time and resolving customer issues faster.

  • Streamlining the experience will improve customer satisfaction.

  • Fewer agents handle service inquiries.

All of these benefits contribute to your bottom line. For instance, if you manage customer inquiries with less labor, you don't have to have as many agents, lowering labor costs. If you handle customer inquiries quickly, you encourage your employees to do business with you again. 

Promoting Multitasking 

Multitasking can increase productivity. However, you have to be careful about telling your employees that they need to do more work. You can’t ask them to double their workload without making changes to the way you run your department. 

It may seem impossible to complete twice as much work in a single day, but it is doable with the right tools. Investing in a multi-channel help desk can be an effective way to help employees improve their organization and handle more inquiries simultaneously. 

To stay on top of things, the typical customer service representative should check all of these outlets several times per day. Email and phone are usually the most common channels, but companies are constantly innovating new ways to communicate with their employees. 

Software for help desks allows different team members to be assigned to different channels based on their specializations. This is due to it grouping all customer inquiries in one place. 


A help desk software license cost thousands of dollars, along with money for installation on each employee's computer and money to train every employee on how to use it but not anymore. 

Cloud-based customer service software is distributed remotely, making it cheaper for companies to provide you access to it and be used on any computer. Some of the best customer service software only costs you less than $30 per person. 

Companies recognize the value of being direct and reducing the learning curve of software. Your representatives will realize that most new software is this way as well. Because all of the software's features are readily available, your representatives can frequently start using it without extensive training, allowing them to start being productive as soon as possible. 

A company can save more money if it improves its customer service department. By responding quickly to each customer inquiry and getting organized, you’ll be able to improve sales while saving money on operations costs. To learn more about multi-channel help desk software and the impact it can have on your business, contact us today. 

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