How Does A Modern Employee Help Desk Work In 2021?

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How Does A Modern Employee Help Desk Work In 2021?
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2020 was a disappointing year in every aspect. Several businesses had to either lose their employees or shut down operations in the wake of the COVID situation. 

However, many organizations adapted to the adversity by going fully virtual. The use of online services and software platforms saw a sharp increase during the year. Collaborative platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Slack dominated the online market for creating virtual workspaces. 

Naturally, an increase in the digitization of workplaces means a need for an improved employee help desk. We have entered 2021, and things are starting to look better. However, the impeccable penetration of digitization has resulted in professionals wanting to continue with virtual workspaces. 

In 2021, organizations will need to catch up with the technological advancements and trends in the realm of employee support to function smoothly. For this, using a modern employee help desk is a must. 

What Is A Modern Employee Help desk?

Irrespective of the size of a business, employees are either tired or indifferent to the traditional employee help desk. With fragmented employee support, employees often found themselves confused and in the middle of unorganized chaos. There was no unified platform to solve all the issues faced by the employees working in all the departments. 

Owing to the ever-increasing need for personalization and complicated business processes, the traditional help desk is bound to fail in 2021. To put it simply, a modern employee help desk is everything the traditional help desk lacks. 

The modern employee help desk is an automated and integrated platform that helps organizations handle and solve issues faced by their employees in a seamless and more effective manner. It allows all the employees across the board to go to a single platform for seeking help, leading to no confusion in selecting the right communication channel. 

Also, a modern help desk is fully automated and driven by artificial intelligence. It understands the questions asked by the employees, scans the enterprise knowledge base, and comes up with the best possible answers to the questions asked. 

So, how does such an employee help desk work? 

How Does A Modern Employee Help desk Work?

A modern employee help desk is based on seamless process automation. With AI functionality and an invisible ticketing system, it makes sure that your employees get their issues resolves in a matter of a few minutes (or even seconds) without having to wait to get in touch with the agents. 

What sets the modern help desks apart from their traditional counterparts is the use of virtual assistants. These are automated chatbots that engage with the users and take care of their issues from start to finish. 

The approach taken by an advanced AI-driven employee help desk can be explained briefly as follows: 

  1. Approaching The Virtual Assistant (L1 Support) It all starts with a troubled employee looking for help. They can simply log in to the platform and start a conversation with the chatbot. This is the common front-end L1 support provided to every employee across your organization. Depending on the issue raised and questions asked, the virtual assistant will provide relevant answers by looking into the knowledge base at once. Although the L1 support is common for all employees, the approach towards every question will be unique. Thanks to the AI technology, the virtual assistant will understand the question asked, get the context by looking into the history of interactions with the concerned employee, and come up with answers that are customized according to the question asked and the employee asking the question.

  2. Auto-resolution Of The Problem The virtual assistant will try its best to provide the most suitable solution to the issue raised by looking into all available resources fed into the system. In most cases, the issues are resolved here, and the employee gets all the answers from the L1 support.

  3. Bringing In The Experts (L2 and L3 Support) If the employee is not satisfied with the resolution of their problem, they can opt for interacting with the experts live and raise a ticket on their own. The employee help desk allows them to do so with a click of a button (without the employee having to do anything) and send the case to the most suitable expert. The dedicated expert comes in to provide the L2/L3 support to your employee and takes a deeper look into the issue. They will use their expertise to solve the said issue and provide the best possible answer as early as possible.

  4. Communicating To The Employees Through Virtual Assistant The virtual assistant that handles the L1 support serves as a single point of communication between the expert and the employee. After finding the resolution, the expert communicates the answer to your employee through the virtual assistant. If the issue is successfully resolved, the virtual assistant will close the concerned ticket. Again, the employee will not have to do anything to close the ticket due to the invisible ticketing system.

This is how automation combined with the efficiency of artificial intelligence helps you solve all issues faced by your employees and attend to them until they are satisfied with the answers.

This technology is used by prominent organizations and software platforms., the AI-driven employee help desk used within Microsoft Teams, helps users in getting precise answers to their questions in a matter of seconds.

From resolving minor hassles to fixing more complicated issues, handles every single query with utmost precision and efficiency.

The Final Word 

2021 is destined to be the year of digitization and smart tools. With your employee help desk being driven by an AI-powered approach, you can let your system shoulder the responsibility of providing seamless employee support and channel your time and effort towards the core business processes.

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