How Is Service Desk Knowledge Management Evolving?

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How Is Service Desk Knowledge Management Evolving?
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Gone are the days when the organizations treated employee support in a mechanical and generic way. Employees no longer want to wait for several minutes (or hours) to get a vague solution to their problem. As digitization increased and business processes started getting automated, employee service desk started evolving.

The Importance Of Knowledge Management

One of the major advancements in the field of employee support is that of efficient knowledge management. Most organizations fail to distinguish between organizational data and enterprise knowledge.

While data is a set of objective words, numbers, and symbols used for storing and tracking organizational information, knowledge goes beyond that. Enterprise knowledge comprises the valuable information and resources that convey the essence of the organization. In simpler words, knowledge is data with additional and comprehensible value.

Service desk knowledge management has gone through a mammoth shift in the last few years. With the inclusion of process automation and artificial intelligence in employee service desks, enterprise knowledge has been revived.

Traditional service desk knowledge management included a few specific written materials added into the system for answering almost all questions asked by the employees. This weakened employee support and left several employees confused.

However, the modern help desk knowledge management makes use of a single unified platform that handles all cases of employees working in all departments. It personalizes the support provided by a service desk by adding valuable material in the knowledge base and retrieving specific answers to specific problems.

Such use of service desk knowledge management makes sure that every solution provided to every employee is unique and satisfactory.

The Evolution Of Service Desk Knowledge Management

As AI employee service desks have started getting implemented within organizations, service desk knowledge management has become more organized, automated, and efficient.

Here are some of the major ways in which knowledge management is changing in an employee service desk.

Use Of Conversational AI

Staying true to its name, the technology of conversational AI allows employees to interact with AI chatbots for getting their issues resolved. In the AI-driven service desks, the virtual assistants have access to the knowledge base of an organization and use the same to answer every question asked by the employees.

Personalized Employee Support

As opposed to providing generalized help to the employees where they need to look for specific answers, the modern help desk knowledge management tailors support according to the specific needs of your employees.

Whenever your employee interacts with the virtual assistant, it scans your enterprise knowledge base and comes up with solutions that are unique to the issues raised by your employees. This allows the employees to spend less time in looking for the right support and get precise answers to their questions.

Single-window Support

As mentioned earlier, the fragmented support provided by traditional employee service desks put off a lot of employees and left them confused. However, the scenario is changing rapidly with the use of AI service desks.

Modern service desk knowledge management involves single-window support. Instead of looking for different platforms and approaching different agents for support, the employees can obtain answers to all their problems using a single platform.

The modern service desk involves a single front-end (L1) support where virtual assistants take up all the queries. Further, for L2 and L3 support, the issues are automatically routed to the right experts for providing personalized support.

Invisible Ticketing System

Knowledge management in the case of modern service desks involves a ticketing system that is invisible to the employee. Instead of the employee having to put in efforts manually, the virtual assistants automate the process of creating, tracking, and closing tickets without the employees knowing about it.

However, the employees are provided with the option of creating manual tickets and having a live interaction with the experts if they are not satisfied with the support provided.

Leveraging Employee Training

The enterprise knowledge base is no longer limited to providing answers to the questions asked by your employees. It can be fed with extensive training material to teach specific skills to your employees.

If your employees need to learn specific skills for doing their job, they can train themselves using the service desk. Just like the desk provides solutions to the issues raised by the employees, it provides them with holistic training based on your organizational requirements.

This makes your employees more productive and less dependent on their seniors/trainers for getting trained. Ultimately, self-reliant employees are always a valuable asset for the organization!

Diverse Content Formats

Earlier, the knowledge base of an organization was limited to written material in the form of guides and manuals. With increased digitization, the content stored and provided by service desks has diversified.

The modern help desk knowledge management provides content to the employees in the form of charts, visuals, animations, and videos. Such interactive content helps your employees retain information better, whether they are obtaining solutions to their problems or getting trained in specific skills.

The use of modern service desks has revolutionized knowledge management for several big names in the industry, including some of the best online collaborative platforms.

Microsoft Teams, with solutions like (an AI-driven employee service desk), can be used as an enterprise service desk utilizing artificial intelligence to offer seamless employee support. allows organizations to use their valuable knowledge base for providing customized assistance to their employees. The AI chatbots ensure that every issue is handled in an automated and organized way until the user is satisfied with the solution.

The Final Word

Lately, organizations have started providing knowledge as a service, thanks to the seamless service desk knowledge management. We live in the times when process automation is at its peak and artificial intelligence is thriving. In such a situation, the enterprise knowledge base acts as a treasure trove of information to deal with all possible issues encountered by your employees while working.

From solving the most basic issues to handling complicated business processes, seamless knowledge management ensures that the employees across your organization can avail of advanced and automated support at their fingertips.

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