How To Improve Employee Engagement With Automation?

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How To Improve Employee Engagement With Automation?
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Employee engagement is important. Period. With remote work becoming prominent, it is important to pay extra attention to employee satisfaction.

Maintaining a healthy employee environment is critical to the success of a company. According to Villanova University, studies show that “employees who report high job satisfaction tend to achieve higher productivity.” Employee contentment leads to better, innovative, and creative products and projects.

What Does The Data Show?

Did you know that over 85% of employees are not engaged at work and the gravity of the economic reverberations can be witnessed in the loss of $7 trillion in productivity?

40% of employees spend at least one-fourth of their time on repetitive and mundane tasks. (source). This again results in low employee satisfaction rates and work engagement, which is directly the cause of the low productivity scales.

Employees on average spend at least 10 hours per week on repetitive and mundane tasks. (source)

Therefore, to address these issues, automation is not only an option but a dire necessity of the organizations at present to boost their employee satisfaction rates.

89% of employees believe that automation has made them more efficient at work. (source)

Why Automation?

The most successful applications of automation today eliminate the need to do repetitive tasks again and again; rather the employees get to focus on the more complex and intricate issues providing their human touch.

It boosts the morale of the employees and leads to instant gratification striking a healthy workplace.

Another crucial element added to the front tier of an organization due to automation is more and more involvement of employees in solving problems and finding solutions; demanding them to think more creatively and innovatively.

Automation clears the gaps and unproductive hours, helps reduce redundancy, and drastically improves the quality.

It reduces the time for processes and procedures drastically which in turn fuels the company's growth and employee engagement.

Automation reduces the errors and time for rectifications.

And many studies show that companies with high-level engagement lead to 22% higher productivity.

Automation cuts down the operating costs and helps in creating integrated systems for better communication within the departments.

Automation has a very wide range of applications in the workplace which makes it flexible, adaptable, and relevant.

It integrates with the current systems without many modifications and assists the employees to get rid of the monotonous and routine tasks, and helps them to focus on more complex issues that need immediate action and creative solutions.

Employees are the company’s greatest assets; they are a competitive advantage over the competition. Equip your assets with the best tool available- automation.

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