How To Keep Your Employees Engaged With Ai-Powered Push Notifications Within Microsoft Teams

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How To Keep Your Employees Engaged With Ai-Powered Push Notifications Within Microsoft Teams
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Effective communication is the key to providing seamless support to your employees. The speed and efficiency with which your agents interact with your employees affects their experience and help resolve their issues. With the advent of smart employee service desks, agents can communicate with employees effectively via AI-powered push notifications. This mode of communication allows your employees to stay updated about important happenings that they need to be aware of. 

What Are AI-powered Push Notifications by

Push notifications are the clickable pop-up messages that appear on users' devices. Brands use these notifications for conveying important messages and promoting their offerings. In the case of employee service desks like, the organization can use AI-powered push notifications to provide important information to the employees right within Microsoft Teams. 

For example: When an application used by employees breaks or goes down, or they cannot access it, employees will contact the service desk or create a support ticket as they are not able to perform their tasks effectively. Although a support agent replies via email and tells the user that the system is under maintenance, employees still reach out to support agents via phone until the issue is resolved. Repeatedly dealing with the same issue can be frustrating for support agents. With, support agents can simply choose to send AI-powered push notifications to your employees on MS Teams, informing them that the system/server of the application is down at the moment. This would help them convey the message to your employees, preventing them from raising repeated queries

AI push notifications can often be sent to your employees irrespective of the device they use. The feature allows service desk managers to communicate with end-users. This makes it simpler and effective for you to ensure that the right information reaches the right users at the right time. 

What Are The Benefits Of AI-powered Push Notifications?

Here are some of the key benefits of using AI-powered Push Notifications for keeping your employees engaged

  1. Personalized Communication

    AI-powered push notifications allow you to communicate with your employees in a personalized manner. Whenever you send your employees a notification, you can include their names in the message by customizing them. This improves communication effectiveness as it makes the employees feel that they are approached individually. Moreover, you can tailor the messages sent through push notifications based on the designations of your employees, further improving communication with them.

  2. Saving Employees' And Agents' Time

    When you send AI-powered push notifications to your employees, it helps them save time in creating tickets and making calls/emails to the management. Whether you are willing to inform them about system failure or convey any important information, push notifications to help you convey your messages instantly.

    At the same time, this also helps you save the time and effort put in by your support agents in handling issues faced by your employees. A single notification helps your agents reach out to all your employees, preventing them from raising issues repeatedly.

  3. Alternative To Mobile Applications

    You can send AI-powered push notifications to your employees even if they do not have an application installed on their phones to obtain support. It helps you avoid dependence on mobile applications when sending notifications. If your employees have permitted you to do so, you can directly send these notifications on their mobile devices without an application being involved in the same.

  4. Integration With Collaborative Platforms like MS Teams

    In the age of digitization, organizations are integrating their service desks with their collaborative platforms like MS Teams, Zoom and Slack. integrated within MS Teams provides employees with a centralized platform for working and obtaining seamless support. allows agents to send push notifications to the employees on MS Teams to keep them updated. Whether the application is down, it has been restored, or if any major changes are made to the application, AI-powered push notifications help you keep your employees informed about the same.

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  5. Aid To Automated Ticketing System

    Modern service desks help your employees automate the ticketing system to obtain personalized support simply. Push notifications can be used to keep your employees updated about the status of their individual cases. From the moment a support ticket is created until it is closed, you can send push notifications to your employees at every stage with MS Teams. This allows you to provide organized support to your employees and improve their overall experience by seeking personalized support.

  6. Quicker Actions

    As compared to writing emails or making calls to your employees, you can make them undertake specific actions at a much faster rate with the help of AI-powered push notifications. A simple click or tap on the notification would lead users to specific platforms and prompt them to take the desired actions. This saves your employees time getting the work done without unnecessary delays.

  7. Improved Employee Onboarding

    Over the last two years, onboarding remote employees have often been difficult for HR managers as it lacks a personal approach. With the help of an automated service desk within MS Teams that allows you to send AI-powered push notifications and onboard remote employees by providing them with important and regular updates. From conveying information as simple as their work hours to sending them important reminders, push notifications to help you communicate with your new employees in a precise and effective manner.

    If onboarded well, remote employees would get comfortable with the new work environment and gel well with their peers.

  8. Better Visibility Of Messages

    AI-powered push notifications are sent to the MS Teams which is a commonly used platform by your employees. This increases the chances of your messages being viewed by the employees compared to writing emails and sending text messages. As the notifications pop up right on the screens of the devices used by your employees, you can rest assured that the required information has been conveyed to them effectively.

The Final Word’s AI-powered push notification feature helps you connect with your employees better and keep them updated in real-time within MS Teams. Push notifications can streamline employee support and communication when paired with the right platforms. Adequate support provided to your employees leads to a boost in their morale and an increase in their productivity.

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