Hr Automation - Top Hr Processes That Can Be Automated

Hr Automation - Top Hr Processes That Can Be Automated
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The digitalization of workflows, including human resource processes, brings hope, fear, excitement, and caution in equal measure to each business. 

It was found that more than two-thirds of human resource managers agreed that the HR field is going through a digital transformation, with over half representing companies with 5,000 employees and over four in ten acting on behalf of organizations with over a billion dollars in annual revenue. Nevertheless, only 40% of respondents reported that their company has a digital work plan in place. 

The main reason why most companies haven't yet embraced automation is a lack of budget. Automation systems lack the capability, knowledge about the automation process that is not clear, and hesitancy to jump in despite many factors to consider. 

Metrics and analytics 

Automation allows human resources managers to make data-driven business decisions. 

Before automation, our clients spent too much time creating reports instead of brainstorming and comprehending what stood behind these numbers. With automation, data is collected from all sources in record time, leaving no room for human error or misunderstanding. 

Automation allows you to attain a macro-level view of the resources in your organization. For example, you can always see how much staff turnover there is. For example, if the number of voluntary resignations in the current year exceeds the prior year's, management needs to investigate why employees resigned last year and how to decrease turnover in the future. 

A further example is absenteeism metrics. Analyzing absenteeism metrics helps HR determine absence rates or length of employee absences and improves the work environment factors affecting employee engagement. 

Onboarding Employees 

Employee onboarding is a very manual process. It involves collecting documents for verification, giving new hires tool access, creating device requests, and more. Using an onboarding app, all of these processes can be done automatically. 

The employee onboarding application offers an easy checklist for all users. This makes it possible to collect documents electronically, deliver the devices without waiting for IT staff to arrive, and access the tools in just hours, not weeks. 

Employee Timecards 

Automatically tracking and managing employee timesheets using Apps like HR Cloud automates the process, making it faster and more accurate. 

Requests for leave 

Manually approving and calculating leaves causes issues because HR teams must check the leave balance, get managers' approval, and record it for payroll calculations. With an automated leave management process, all of this can be done automatically without email requests getting lost in a sea of emails. 

Performance management 

An automated performance management system streamlines maintain bias-free, ensures accurate decision making, and makes it memorable for employers and employees. Performance management is a dynamic HR process that tracks, measures, and analyzes employee performance in relation to business goals. 

Conducting exit interviews 

Employee exit interviews are the most effective way to improve employee engagement, but they are time-consuming, inefficient, and require the use of a paper-based exit interview. By automating the exit interview process, organizations can identify potential problems and extract actionable data to improve employee retention without going through mountains of paperwork. 


In many businesses, annual reviews aren't effective for many reasons, but the most common is that they don't track employees' progress throughout the entire year. Grading employees using an automated tool helps them understand their job roles better, keeps track of what they need to work on and what they are excelling in, and encourages collaboration. Having an automated, streamlined process for evaluating employees helps them understand their role clearly, helps managers keep track of their performance and helps employees to collaborate. 

Taxes, Benefits & Forms 

Employee benefits can undergo changes as a result of life-changing events, new employees, open enrollment, etc. Employee benefits can be difficult to manage if you always rely on paper documents. Benefits administration can be streamlined with a consolidated HR portal. 

Automation of tax compliance allows you to scale quickly. Automating your tax documentation and using cloud services ensure that you're charging the right taxes, including use taxes. Also, you will have access to up-to-date information on requirements and rates from across the globe. 

Payroll management 

The manual payroll process is inefficient and slow. Humans make mistakes, and the errors in the payroll calculation process cost 82 million Americans. 

According to the data published by the American Payroll Association (APA), companies that have automated the payroll process managed to reduce payroll costs by 80%. In a majority of cases, less error occurs on invoices and checks. 

Reminders of upcoming events 

HR teams must always juggle a lot of tasks and responsibilities, and automated notifications and reminders can ensure that no task is missed. 

Support/Collaboration software automatically sends out emails to employees to remind them about upcoming performance reviews, new starters, leavers, or key dates. 

Automation can improve communication and aid compliance by ensuring vital actions are taken at the appropriate time. In this case, automation can enhance communication and aid compliance by ensuring employees are reminded of critical tasks or due dates. 

Background checking and screening 

Traditionally, background checking has been a labor-intensive, time-consuming, and error-prone process. Automating the background checking process ensures that the right checks are performed at the right time for the right position. Background checking providers such as automate administratively intensive and time-consuming processes such as reference checks and criminal records checks. It can also enhance your organization's candidate and employee experience, which is necessary for hiring success and long-term employee retention. 

The Final Word: 

There are several automated HR systems available today. To determine which automated HR software is in sync with your HR processes, compare the features list. The following are five features that every HR automation system must have: 

  • Actionable Insights: Use visual-rich reports and dashboards to speed up decision-making. 

  • Omni-Channel Access: Gain insight into HR processes anytime, anywhere, on any device. 

  • Quick integration: Connects to other HR management systems via API integrations 

  • Risk Mitigation: Provide audit trails and 360-degree visibility for all HR processes. 

  • Automated Alerts: Set automatic reminders to motivate employees to complete their tasks on time. 

If you are looking for automation software to automate all of your HR processes after reading this post, look no further than

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