Hyperautomation - The Hottest It Trend

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Hyperautomation - The Hottest It Trend

Hyperautomation - The Hottest It Trend

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Hyperautomation - The Hottest It Trend
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Hyperautomation is the biggest seismic shift in the industry of ITSM and as the name suggests it means more than automation.

As the term defines itself, Hyperautomation refers to the application of various advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and robot process automation, which augments the workers to perform more efficiently and increase their productivity significantly.

It is the integration of the various software intelligence systems and a physical entity such as robots to automate every nook and corner of organization processes and procedures to deliver resolutions and solve the incidents in a blink of an eye!

Evolution of automation:

Before automation took the industry by storm, the work done by the agents at the service desks was completely manual.

The queries, incident reporting, and various other service desk operations were single-channel going through a service desk agent. The support team dealt with the repetitive tasks and recurring incidents without the queries being auto-resolved and self-service was not an option. The tasks keep piling up for the agents to solve and it sharply dropped the rate at which the queries were resolved.

Benefits of Hyperautomation?

Hyperautomation is solving issues and queries even before they reach the service desk team.

  • It provides answers automatically with help of AI and automation

  • It is cost-effective.

  • It provides multi-channel service support from the various platforms to a variant and diversified audience.

  • Incident automation; where the recurring incident is automated completely by process automation.

  • It improves efficiency, accountability, and predictability to propose future campaigns and promotions with critical insights.

  • It provides virtual agent support which is available for assistance 24x7.

  • It provides advanced analytics for better analysis of trends

  • Yield automated resolution for vast coverage over a variety of range of expertise

  • It is faster, better, and cheaper!

Features of Hyperautomation?

The new stride in the I.T sector comes with well-equipped tools to give the organizations the perfect head start to every race.

The hyperautomation is the jargon of various intelligent software and robotics put together to give the best of technology. It includes:

1. Robotic Process Automation (RPA):

RPA is a technology that is used to emulate a robot and integrate human actions with the robots which interact with the digital systems to execute a business process. It is a physical entity of software.

2. Proactive Notifications:

Proactive Notifications as the names suggest provides the user with notifications that notifies about the important updates, rectifications, tracking updates. It keeps the individual in sync with the upcoming events.

3. Artificial Intelligence:

A.I is the intelligence demonstrated by the machines that perform activities like a human which helps automate large parts of the digital procedures.

4. Predictive Analysis:

Predictive analysis helps the analysts in getting strong leads and strategic cues which help plan further campaigns and advertisements.

5. Intelligent Business Process Management (IBPM):

IBPM is a tool integrated with AI to leverage the analytics and intelligence to predict the future trends and stats of a graph. It helps in the automation of various processes from start-to-finish.

6. Natural Language Processing (NLP):

NLP is a field of computer science, AI and linguistics which help in the smooth interaction between human speech and A.I. This helps in the proper functioning of voice recognition and speech to text feature or translations.

7. Conversational AI:

It is a subset of AI which concerns with the conversation with a human. It allows the chat-bots to have human-like conversions and this helps in keeping a website active to take in the requests at any time.

The critical tools included above while so many still encompass the wide sector of hyperautomation.

Applications of hyperautomation:

The hyperautomation is the transformation through technology at its best with the integration of various fields and this also results in a wide range of application which revolutionizes the organization for the future.

Some applications can be:

  • At Service desk ticketing system; for automation of recurring and repetitive incidents and queries auto-resolved at the fingertips.

  • At the Datacenter; for automation of data entry and making sense of the data into meaningful insights which provide the powerful business plans and execution.

  • At Security Operations; integrated with the optical cameras and fingerprint scanners which add an extra shield of security

  • For End-User support; for providing the additional feedbacks, stats, tracking the status of requests, etc.

  • For Scheduling activities; by linking the calendars the events can be pre-scheduled annually for better communication.

And last but not the least, the trendsetter of the town has already been placed in the top list of the top strategic trend for 2021 by Gartner which predicts the demanding needs of the market. (source)

It is the shift from task-based automation to process-based automation where the process of a query in automated completely, changing the landscape of I.T infrastructure.

One of the practical scenes to imagine hyperautomation can be where the workers are in a robotic exoskeleton.

The field of human enhancement is entering an age where human capabilities will not be replaced by augmentations but where augmentation will create superhuman capability!

Regular automation vs Hyperautomation:

There is a massive change in the working and approach to the process of automation when it shifts to hyperautomation. Some of the differences can be as follows:

Regular automation:

  • Degree of coverage is limited

  • Automates certain tasks

  • Single platform supported

  • Automation within computers


  • Everything is automated

  • Automates the process

  • Multi-platform support

  • Automation of complete topology of the network

Bringing it all together:

Hyperautomation is the next step of automation which aims at automating the complete processes where artificial intelligence, machine learning, robot process automation, chat-bots, and language processing are employed to integrate into the I.T structure of an organization to automate the recurring queries which help free the workload of analysts and drastically elevates the productivity and user satisfaction. It is an intuitive AI work in the front-end and back-end of an organization.

Hyperautomation analyses, designs, automate, measures, monitors, and finds patterns for future predictions to make sense of the data all in one go!

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