Improve Your It Operations Strategy In 2022 With These Trends

Improve Your It Operations Strategy In 2022 With These Trends

Improve Your It Operations Strategy In 2022 With These Trends

Improve Your It Operations Strategy In 2022 With These Trends
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There is no denying that the pandemic has accelerated the transition to a remote workforce much quicker than it would typically have. The impact of this shift had far-reaching impacts on organizations ranging from security strategies to resource availability to infrastructure and operations. As we wrap up 2021, many organizations probably thought about ending remote jobs and opening their doors to their employees to return to the office. Due to the fast spread of the Omicron variant, global organizations were forced to evaluate how to reinstate safety measures and new workflows developed during the peak of the pandemic.

As we prepare for what's coming next, the team has compiled some of the trends and technologies IT operations folks should be paying attention to in the coming year. Before we deep dive into it, let’s understand more about IT operations and why it is important for organizations in 2022. 

Defining IT Operations

The term "IT operations" refers to the processes and services managed by an organization's information technology department (IT). IT operations encompass computer hardware and software support and administrative processes. An IT operations team's main responsibilities include managing tech, ensuring quality, managing infrastructure, and verifying that finished products meet our customers' expectations. An IT operations team supports both internal and external clients. 

IT operations provide quality, cost-effective services at a reasonable cost and are typically considered separate from IT applications. An IT operations department includes all IT functions not related to software development or management, for example, in the case of a software company. There may still be some overlap between the two departments. 

Also, IT organizations should be agile and capable of adapting their strategies when a crisis occurs. IT operations are defined will vary from organization to organization. This term can also describe the section within the organization that manages the department's IT operations and collection of procedures, processes, and standardized methods. 

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What makes IT operations so crucial?

Having weak IT operational processes within an organization can negatively affect the quality of IT services and other business processes. Also, companies with critical IT operations can adapt their business processes to adapt to changing customer needs. Modern technology trends may also require that IT departments adapt. A company could risk falling behind its competition if it did not. In addition to reducing operational costs, modernizing IT, operations can enhance agility and performance. To perform well and remain competitive in the current global marketplace, the company must undergo this transformation. 

Top IT operations trends to watch in 2022

In response to the COVID-19 which shook life and business, 2021 was the year to refocus and rebuild the pieces left behind. The world didn't return to normal, as organizations and workers alike found that many pre-pandemic systems would never again work the way that they once did. As we look ahead to 2022, various trends have emerged as a result of the pandemic, and some have lasted – remote work, AI-powered service desks, cloud computing and new cyber security measures etc. 

It is increasingly challenging for businesses to run a highly scalable IT infrastructure while maintaining cost-effective, high quality and minimal risk of security breaches. In this constantly changing tech world, how can professionals keep up? Modern cloud infrastructure strategies are driving changes in IT operations, which require organizations to invest in new skills and technologies. Do companies know how to distinguish the hype from the enduring changes that will radically transform their business processes and industry standards? 

Here are the list of the biggest IT operation trends of 2022 that will surely be on industry leaders' minds and their priority lists. 

  1. Hyperautomation

    The trend of hyperautomation is not new; it was a top trend in 2021. However, the thing that continues to change about hyperautomation is its adoption and evolution. The next generation of hyperautomation in 2022 will combine technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to process information in more impactful ways, enhancing the quality and boosting productivity. Moreover, hyperautomation will offer continuous real-time intelligence with improved analytics to further enhance operations and processes.

  2. Anywhere operations

    Gartner predicts that around 48% of employees will be able to work from home after the outbreak, compared with 30% before. COVID-19 forced a dramatic shift in the way, corporate world functioned and IT professionals worked when it forbade two-thirds of them to work remotely. These numbers are decreasing, but a large number of employees still prefers to work remotely due to the ongoing pandemic and new variants.

    To support this, organizations must incorporate technologies enabling seamless collaboration no matter where they are located. It doesn't matter whether services are available on a desktop computer, tablet, mobile phone, or another device, giant corporations are beginning to notice the services they must adopt and offer.

  3. The potential of AI has never been greater

    AI promises to enhance both the employee and customer experience to great effect. It is possible for business leaders to stay ahead of the competition when they have access to the right set of tools, data, and talent. The application of AI to e-commerce can enable companies to target the right audience with the right products. Investing in the right talent and technology is also vital for achieving these goals.

    The increasing complexity of developing, deploying, and managing applications encourages IT operations teams to adopt agile development methods to deliver new applications, features, and updates as quickly as possible. Thus, automation plays a crucial role.

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  4. The rise of 5G

    With the demand for high-speed internet and smart homes and cities, 5G technologies are being developed and adopted by organizations. Although 5G has long been anticipated, 2021 was the first time it came to widespread use. Because of its performance and reliability, 5G is swiftly becoming the network of choice for tech-savvy companies. By 2022, both fortune 500 companies and small start-ups will develop novel infrastructures and applications in order to:

    - Boost employee productivity

    - To improve customer service

    - Take advantage of the Internet of Things

    - Recruit new employees

    - Manage mission-critical communications

  5. Using hybrid cloud technology

    Indeed, cloud computing is not an innovative trend, but simply utilizing it is no longer sufficient. For businesses to gain maximum benefit from clouds, they need to adapt and use different clouds. The year of the hybrid cloud will be 2022, with vendors battling for the right mix of public and private clouds as organizations face data access and security challenges.

    According to the latest Accelerate State of DevOps survey, teams deployed hybrid or multi-cloud software were 1.6 times more likely to meet their organizational performance targets than those adopting more traditional cloud strategies.


COVID-19 will continue to affect how businesses conduct business and employees work in 2022. With accelerated digitalization and virtualization, we will increasingly require cloud, security, privacy, and automation. IT operations teams have to work quicker and wiser than ever to keep up with digital transformation.

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