Knowledge Management Done Right For Service Desk

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Knowledge Management Done Right For Service Desk
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Knowledge Management Done Right for Service Desk

Knowledge and issue resolutions seem to be two different islands with no bridge to join them. When an employee is looking for a quick solution to an issue, the knowledge needed for a solution is often elusive. Where is this information and why cannot you use it?

4 reasons why information on the intranet is a tall order to search-

  • Maybe in a document in your Sharepoint system or intranet. In which case it is incumbent upon the user to do the following
    a) Motivate yourself to go to Sharepoint in a hope that you will get what you are looking for there
    b) Find the right document
    c) Find the right paragraph or sentence that answers your specific question
    d) And then use the information to do what needs to be done

  • The information you seek is part of Tribal knowledge of your organization
    This is the case you might be in trouble. Even in the best of times it was difficult to figure out who might have the right answer. With many in the workforce now working remotely, this task is even more difficult.

  • The information is created for the Help Desk agents but not for employees
    This is very common and done purely due to great intentions. The idea is to create a fantastic knowledge repository for your service desk agents so that they can help the employees. However, the documents written here are large and sometimes complex/technical and these documents never make it to the end users.

  • Maybe the information is just old/not fresh
    Let us assume you have one of the better intranet knowledge management tools. And your organization created the documents at some point of time. HOWEVER, it has been a while and now some of that is just not relevant. How does everyone get feedback? How do creators of knowledge get information about what works and what does not? Is there a way for users to contribute?

Three secret R’s to crack knowledge management problems:

A knowledge management system typically works as a graveyard for documents. That is a place where quite often documents go and die! We believe that a new way to retrieve and use information is required. Here is the new construct of KM that works and benefits your service desk and enterprise. All you need to do is to remember following sentence

Right information at the Right time at the Right place

  1. Right information: Information has to be “Bite-sized”, relevant and fresh. No long documents to search, no old information to struggle with – and struggle with out of context answers. We call this a live, “twitter-age”, AI powered KM where information is context driven and to-the-point. Also, this information should be meant for employees and not experts/agents.

  2. Right time: The right time to give information is exactly the second when they are searching for it. That means, the information has literally be available to users at their command.

  3. Right place: There is no better place than MS Teams today to engage employees. Many organizations already are adopting MS teams – and employees are already using it. It makes perfect sense in that case that the information is also available at MS Teams.

Today, all this and more is now possible using our platform. It is time to incorporate AI actively as part of your KM strategy. This will allow you to build bridges between the islands of issue resolution and knowledge. Once you are able to connect these two – you will see higher Auto-resolution rate in your service desk.

This will truly allow you to shift-left. Many a self-service initiative disappeared as organizations struggle with knowledge management.

How did this article help you to understand the importance of AI supported Helpdesk? Share your thoughts with us.

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Power of GenAI within Service Desk
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