Making Conversational Engagement A Reality - A Case Study From Microsoft

Making Conversational Engagement A Reality - A Case Study From Microsoft
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As we tell everyone who will listen, Artificial Intelligence technologies are bringing the ability to transform the way customers interact with companies and how employees work.

We're excited by this vision of transformation, but we know it is critical to have a solid, practical foundation for hands-on development and implementation to bring it to reality.

We are often asked about the core technologies we use to create and evolve our Virtual People. That's why we're glad to share this case study published by Microsoft that highlights Actionable Science as a partner at the leading edge of applying AI technologies to drive efficiencies, improve the accuracy of interactions, and create better customer and employee experiences. With Microsoft's collaboration, we got a huge head start. We've been able to build a foundation that is allowing us to rapidly expand the capabilities of our Virtual People through ever deeper and more valuable personal interactions.

We've developed our Virtual People to be able to talk, learn and act. The case study highlights some of the proven resources we draw on to ensure their cognitive abilities, emotional intelligence, and document management capability. Plus, we've created robust analytics and data visualizations for our customers to use to assess bot performance and gather user insights.

Thanks to the Microsoft team for featuring us and for their partnership!

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