Microlearning: What It Can Do For Enterprise Training

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Microlearning: What It Can Do For Enterprise Training
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For any enterprise to achieve sustainable development and success, investing in its talent is crucial. Additionally, employers can build employee loyalty by investing in enterprise training and giving employees opportunities for career development. But the pandemic that broke out in 2020 has changed every aspect of traditional enterprise training. Organizations couldn't arrange hour-long instructor-led training in a conference room since employees were working from home. Workdays are now longer than the average 8-hour day. It is challenging for the workforce to take days or weeks off to attend training sessions because of work pressure and deadlines. Thus, enterprises need to develop a strategy of continuous training, on-the-job and arranged into small, on-demand lessons. Microlearning is an excellent enterprise training strategy for this new learning landscape. It lets users deliver short, just-in-time modules with rich media formats continuously across multiple devices.

In this article, we have outlined the importance of microlearning in enterprise training. But what exactly is enterprise training? Before we go in-depth, let's learn a little more about enterprise training.

Enterprise Training: What is it?

Enterprise training encompasses more than just what we learn at work. It is a set of principles and strategies that help an organization to provide information and support training across multiple departments. The goal of enterprise training is to ensure that your team has the right skills, not just to teach them.

Why Enterprise Training is Significant in 2022?

If a company fails to adopt an enterprise approach to training, employees will often take a passive approach to learning. They will learn when they gain access to information. It's usually through formal training programs or when their work leads them to new information that employees learn.

Enterprise training takes a different approach. Employees and others can access training content proactively. This approach aims to create an environment where employees are encouraged to learn and develop outside of their primary roles and fields. The challenge is to create such an environment that promotes it. Most organizations rely on training platform providers to decentralize training and information to solve this issue. Personalized learning tracks and on-demand access to resources help companies give learners some of that power back.

How does microlearning fit into enterprise training?

According to the report by Orlando Sentinel, the human attention span is now shorter than a goldfish. As per the report, the attention span dropped from 12 seconds in 2000 to eight seconds, while goldfish have a 9-second attention span. This is a significant concern for learners across the world. In the corporate world, gaining your employees' attention and retaining the information is crucial. The 2021 Learning Trends Report found that 49% of learners are concerned about not having enough time to learn, while 61% claim that lack of time is their biggest concern when learning new skills. How do you address these challenges? Thanks to the concept of microlearning, we've found a way to escape so far.

Microlearning is the best bet enterprise training method which involves breaking down a complex concept into short, bite-sized chunks of learning. It focuses on a single learning objective. It is possible to create these modules in a fraction of the time to create a formal training course. By using microlearning, employees can quickly grasp new technologies and fill skills gaps, becoming better adapted to the new trend in their industry. The course focuses on particular objectives with multimedia contents like ebooks, images, texts, infographics, podcasts, quizzes, videos, and more. Moreover, microlearning enables corporate trainers to assess employees, map their messages, and establish the parameters of training sessions. Microlearning also increases productivity, improves employee focus, and improves employee engagement by empowering employees to grow.

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Benefits of Microlearning

  1. Provides on-the-job training

    Microlearning courses enhance on-the-job training by delivering just the information a learner needs right when they need it. Microlearning has grown in popularity among learners and learning and development professionals, thanks to its flexibility. Using microlearning, the trainer can develop an online infrastructure of bite-sized modules that employees can access regardless of their location, allowing them to take control of professional development.

  2. Boosts engagement

    Microlearning uses multiple types of media to hold learners' attention. It helps them to remain engaged for a longer time. This is also broken up into manageable chunks with the multimedia approach. The employees can thus complete the modules without feeling overwhelmed or exhausted. It also helps learners stay focused on one subject at a time by introducing them to pieces of short and exciting content. This allows them to maintain interest without being distracted or bored by endless repetition.

  3. Encourage peer-to-peer learning

    Generally, sharing information with other people is much easier when it is presented online. This is why microlearning can encourage peer-to-peer learning. This feature allows employees to share their courses and new information with their colleagues.

    A collaboration like this can enhance understanding between all parties. It can also lead to self-managed teams that support one another. Such connections further enhance employee morale, which further increases employee retention.

  4. Facilitates quick and easy consumption of content

    Employees are no longer confined to corporate boardroom settings when using microlearning modules. They can access the course content whenever and wherever is convenient for them, at their own pace.

    It is even simpler for learners to consume information by providing modules on different platforms. They can pick and choose the lessons they believe are most relevant to their careers at this time.

  5. An inexpensive learning method

    Companies with limited training budgets should consider microlearning if they wish to fulfill employee training requirements. The shorter the training, the less expensive the training. Without much investment, the employer can make and present rich quality, engaging digital sessions.

  6. Boosts the ability to pay attention

    Getting their employees' attention is a challenge many companies face today. Social media, inconvenient disruptions, data overload, etc. will distract employees. Through microlearning, employees are provided with content in smaller chunks, making the entire module easier to digest. Most employees today want to gain skills quickly, and microlearning is the most convenient way for them since it is easy to learn and retain.

Conclusion: Take your training to the next level by implementing microlearning

Today, microlearning is so famous for enterprise training for a reason. It delivers concepts in an engaging, relevant, and efficient manner. Both employees and organizations benefit from this training method. Employees who learn new skills can be more successful in their current jobs. This allows them to advance into a new role and develop their career. As the digital world rapidly changes, employees must learn. Employees who constantly learn do more than make their jobs better. It also helps their personal development. The next step in workplace training and development is integrating microlearning into enterprise training programs. With microlearning, you can study anywhere on any device, whether you're using a laptop, smartphone, tablet, television or desktop, depending on your schedule.

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