Microsoft Teams – A Single Window For Employee Support

Microsoft Teams – A Single Window For Employee Support
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The last thing you would want within your organization is disgruntled employees. It is common for an employee to face a myriad of challenges while working in an organization. These challenges can range from simple Wi-Fi connectivity issues to issues in the company's software platform.    

A lot of these issues arise because of fragmented employee support in an organization. To put it simply, there is not a dedicated location (real or virtual) where employees can get answers to all their questions. They need to knock on many doors and search in different directions to have their issues resolved.    

Of course, there are IT service desks for employee support that help employees deal with different challenges. However, traditional service desks are not always the best option when it comes to resolving employee issues.    

Let us briefly look at the major challenges employees face in getting the right support for the issues they face.    

Challenges Faced By Employees In Getting Support

  1. Lack of Knowledge:
    According to statistics, although most ITSM professionals claim to have complete knowledge of the business processes carried out by the organization they work in, 39% of the professionals would like to know more.
    This can be the root of several problems. If your organization's knowledge base does not have sufficient information to solve all possible issues that your employees can face, it is likely to leave your employees dissatisfied with the assistance they receive.

  2. Unregulated Performance:
    Statistics claim that a staggering 36% of IT companies believe that they need to improve upon measuring their executives' performance. If there is a failure in performance measurement, it is less likely for the employee support services to improve.

  3. Delayed Ticketing System:
    Although the employee ticketing system works well for many organizations, it is not the fastest way of obtaining employee support. From the moment an employee raises a ticket to their issue getting resolved, there might be unwanted delays arising from a lack of communication or priority issues.

  4. Issues Apart From IT Support
    Employee support is not limited to IT support. This is a common misconception in many organizations that make ITSM the center of employee support. Your employee may face issues that fall outside the umbrella of the IT service desks, such as difficulty understanding business processes, communicating with the clients, and many more.
    All these issues make it difficult for your employees to get a satisfactory solution to their problems in the desired period of time.
    A perfect solution to this problem is bringing in a single window for employee support along with AI-powered functionality.

The Single Window Employee Support By Microsoft Teams

As the name suggests, single-window employee support provides your employees with a single destination to get all their issues resolved. Instead of worrying about where to go, what to Google, and whom to call, the employee service desk within Microsoft teams helps your employees find answers to all major problems at a single virtual platform. makes sure that an automated employee service desk acts as a virtual assistant to all your employees and provides solutions to their real-time problems. It is an automated platform that uses artificial intelligence to understand the details of every issue raised by the employees and comes up with the best possible solution by peeping into the vast knowledge base of your organization.    

Personalized Answers To All Questions  

The service desk based at MS Teams answers every question raised by every employee on a personalized basis and provided a unique solution to the concerned employee.    

The AI component scans the history of activities performed by the employees, understands the context of the raised question, and comes up with a wholesome and effective solution.    

Engaging Content makes sure that your employees are not put off by making them read several pages in the name of an effective solution. Based on the issue raised, the employee is provided with relevant pictures and videos that make them understand the context and help them solve the problem so that they do not need to seek the same assistance twice.    

Getting Tasks Done  

If your employees are having difficulties in getting specific tasks done, such as installing software, setting passwords, getting group access, or setting up user notifications, the AI service desk will help them get the tasks done without having to look anywhere else.    

OnboardingAnd Approval Workflows    

The same platform that helps your employees get personalized solutions also assists them with smart user on-boarding and off-boarding. Moreover, it helps employees out with managing workflow approvals without wasting any time waiting for external help.    

AI-suggested Microlearning  

Microlearning often falls out of the conventional umbrella of the traditional service desk. The employee service desk at MS Teams provides users with suitable microlearning resources based on their specific needs and preferences.    

Connecting With Experts  

If your employees are still dissatisfied with the answers they get and need to interact with experts to resolve their issues, allows them to get real-time support from professionals. The platform also allows users to raise incident and request tickets offline, and follow the traditional procedure to seek assistance.    

The Final Word  

The employee service desk at MS Teams has made sure that users no longer need to look for the answers to their problems in a fragmented way. It provides your employees with single-window employee support where they can get wholesome assistance about their issues.    

The AI-based functionality used by makes employee support more personal and employee-friendly. As it includes all the features of a traditional service desk, it can definitely be used as the best alternative (or replacement!) for the older employee ticketing system.    

With this integration of a visionary AI-based service desk at MS Teams, has paved the way for future innovations in employee support that caters to the employees instead of serving the agents.

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