Modern Employee Self-Service Portal To Enhance Employee Experience

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Modern Employee Self-Service Portal To Enhance Employee Experience

Modern Employee Self-Service Portal To Enhance Employee Experience

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Modern Employee Self-Service Portal To Enhance Employee Experience
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Employee self-service portals are tools that modern businesses use to get work done. Along with normal work, internal business processes require time and effort from related individuals. The Human Resources department handles all queries and concerns of employees. They must provide the employees with all the resources and support they need to meet or exceed their performance expectations. 

As global workforces become more diverse and dynamic, running HR operations manually is time-consuming and tiring. HR Managers or support agents cannot manage HR processes manually. So, what if they can easily do such tasks on their own? Employee Self-Service (ESS) is where it comes into play here. With this system, employees can manage their own work without relying on HR departments for everything. Employees can access their personal details and professional records anywhere, anytime, without hassle. Let’s look at the 5 best benefits offered by employee self-service portals. 

According to a survey conducted by Nintex, 49% of employees report having trouble with locating documents. The problem can be eliminated as essential information is available in a centralized location with some prominent features. 

What are the Key Features of Modern Employee Self Service? 

Employees can use a self-service portal to-

  • Access information whenever they want

  • Enter personal and professional information with ease

  • Quickly apply for leave online

  • Keeps track of time-off balances, attendance details and working hours

  • Check the time spent on certain projects or logged per day

  • Share documents or upload those they want to share or need to download

  • No geo-restrictions for the clock in and clock out

  • See essential information like phone numbers, seat numbers, IDs, etc.

  • View management's announcements

  • Employees get quick support when needed

  • Employees don't have to raise tickets

  • Support agents no longer have to answer basic questions.

  • Getting rid of the L1 ticketing system

  • The support agent productivity doubles or triples when 80% of employee queries are automated.

Now that you understand some of the key features of an ESS portal let’s talk about the benefits that it brings to your organization. 

How Employee Self-service Benefit Enterprises?

ESS solutions help companies optimize efficiency and improve compliance reporting accuracy by allowing teams and managers to place their focus on strategic and timely workflow processes rather than completing mundane tasks with interruptions. 

Below the benefits of using modern employee self-service software or tools. 

Educates employees 

Employees can track their activities with an ESS portal instead of waiting for HR to answer their questions. This is one s. of the most important benefits. ESS also allows employees more autonomy to make their own decisions. It makes it possible to update the information on their own without someone else's help. Employees can easily access other necessary HR information such as sick days, balances and attendance hours. This helps them feel more trusted and improves morale and motivation. 

Streamlines HR tasks 

With the ESS, most HR processes are automated, reducing paperwork and speeding up tasks. It saves time and helps productivity across the board. As an HR manager, you can concentrate on other pressing matters such as employee retention, employee happiness, work-life balance, and employee recognition. Employees taking responsibility for important information means you don’t have to chase them down for information. Employees can fill out the required details themselves, thereby reducing errors. 

Provides greater transparency 

Employees have access to company policies, safety procedures, insurance documents, annual tax returns, and more from anywhere in the world at any time. Employees have access to all management or human resource department announcements, ensuring they're all on the same page. This transparency fosters trust, which makes employees feel more valued in your organization. 

Engages employees 

Human resources have a great impact on employee engagement and efficiency. No matter how good an organization is, a dysfunctional HR system will hurt your business's success. The ESS portal can dramatically improve employee engagement, job satisfaction, and the bottom line when it empowers employees and lets them coordinate with their peers. Employee morale is enhanced by appreciation and motivational exercises. 

Enhances security 

Employee data is stored online in the ESS portal, which is password-protected. Employee data can be accessed by authorized users only, as unauthorized users cannot access employee data. Employee data held on paper is at high risk of being stolen and misused. 

Another challenging task of the HR department is to keep all data organized in physical folders and files. Employee self-service portals now use cloud storage, making it easier to store and retrieve data. This is the safest way to store sensitive company data. 

Better productivity in administrative tasks 

Taking leave/time off, marking attendance, requesting other permissions, and so on require the HR staff's time and effort. Employee self-service portals enable employees to complete these tasks on their own. Employee self-service portals and intranets are great ways to eliminate paper use and minimize environmental impacts. Paperless work culture is a positive trend among modern businesses and organizations. 

Employee information updated 

The HR person must enter each employee’s personal and official details individually. It would not only be time-consuming but a painful task. With employees having the opportunity to update their profile information whenever they pleased using an employee self-service portal, a current database can be guaranteed. On the other hand, employees can access updated information when they need quick assistance. 

How can Organization Improve ESS use Software and Tools? 

An employee self-service portal is one of many business tools used by modern businesses. Along with usual work, internal business processes require the time and effort of related people. 

Imagine an employee has a query or needs assistance. Employees would access SharePoint to search for information to find that it is outdated or not of any use. Employees frequently reach out to support agents by email, phone or raise a ticket. Employees typically do two things when they need support: look for information on shared platforms or get in touch with agents. 

What if Software Resolves the Employee Queries using Self-Service in a Conversational way? 

An ESS using Conversational AI helps employees in the same way a human does. Employees have to turn to communication platforms, be it Microsoft Teams or Slack and type in their query. The Virtual Assistant (VA) will answer all questions related to a query and then raise a ticket if the employee is unsatisfied with the answer. 

Are you curious how exactly modern employee support software works after the pandemic and COVID? Sign up for the webinars to learn more about how is changing employee support in the new work culture.

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