Post Covid-19 Work Trends: A Guide To Enhance Employee Experience In 2022

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Post Covid-19 Work Trends: A Guide To Enhance Employee Experience In 2022
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The engagement and productivity of your employees are directly related to their experience while working in your organization. During the COVID-19 crisis, employee experience across all industries was affected as the norms changed. The "new normal" was not suitable for everyone, resulting in a chaotic atmosphere during the first few months.

Now that the crisis has subsided and businesses are in recovery mode, it becomes essential for management to focus on improving employee experience across the board. Over the last two years, professionals working in all sectors have faced tremendous physical and mental issues. As companies slowly limp back to normalcy, the management should provide employees with an ideal work environment.

Here are some of the significant post-COVID-19 work trends to follow if you are willing to enhance employee experience in 2022:

  1. Switching To AI-driven Employee Service Desks

The traditional employee service desks are no longer relevant in providing adequate support to your workers. In the age of digitization, employees need quick and personalized support. Unnecessary delays and the provision of generic solutions would only hamper employee experience within your organization.

As a solution, make sure that you switch to modern employee service desks. These platforms are driven by AI and machine learning to offer personalized support to your employees. Instead of routing every case to a support agent, these platforms provide automated primary support with the help of AI chatbots.

With AI-driven service desks, your employees can chat with virtual assistants to resolve their issues within seconds. Moreover, the use of AI allows your service desk to understand the context of the issues faced by your employees, further improving the quality of support provided to them. Such seamless support makes your employees feel special, helping you enhance employee experience within your organization.

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2. Setting Up A Hybrid Workplace

In the post-COVID-19 world, hybrid workplaces have started gaining more momentum. Despite initial hesitation, several employees worldwide started getting used to the trend of working remotely over the last two years. As working remotely allows employees to work from the comfort of their homes and spend more time with their loved ones, they prefer the new trend more than the conventional approach to work.

If you are willing to enhance employee satisfaction in your company, it is advisable to set up a hybrid workplace. Here, you can provide your employees with the option to work on-premise or remotely at their convenience. Forcing your workers to come to work would only reduce employee engagement. Instead, provide them with the flexibility of choice to improve their experience.

3. Ensuring The Mental Well-being Of Your Employees

The pandemic has taken a toll on professionals' mental health around the world. While some deserving employees lost their jobs, others were overburdened with additional responsibilities. Now that the workforce is heading towards normalcy, it is essential to focus on the mental well-being of all your employees.

Just like looking after their physical health, make sure that management takes initiatives to cater to the mental health of your employees. In the case of remote employees, always ensure that they do not work beyond the dedicated hours and can maintain an ideal work-life balance. Ignoring the mental well-being would not only hamper employee experience but would also prompt your workers to quit, resulting in your company losing valuable talent.

4. Providing Streamlined Support Through Collaborative Platforms

The functionality of the modern employee service desks can be increased by integrating them with your collaborative platform. Especially in the case of remote employees and a hybrid workplace, this would help you provide your workers with a centralized platform to seek quick and personalized support.

Integrating your service desk with your collaborative platform would help your employees seek support on the same platform that they use for work. Instead of switching to a different platform for asking questions and creating support tickets, you can allow your employees to work on a single platform for performing a range of processes. Such ease of operation would help you enhance employee experience within your organization.

5. Focusing On People Analytics

In the age of digitization, efficient data analytics provides you with solutions to all problems. People analytics is a rising HR trend used by organizations to improve the employee experience. It involves the systematic collection and application of data for improving critical talent and productivity of the organization.

Your HR managers can obtain valuable data-driven insights for making the right talent decisions through people analytics. Right from assessing the capabilities of your employees to improving workforce processes, people analytics helps you value your employees for the work they do.

6. Encouraging Employee Recognition

In the post-COVID-19 world, employees need to feel good about their contributions more than ever. Always make sure you acknowledge the efforts put in by your employees to make them feel valued and improve their work experience. A simple "thank you" or a high-five has the potential to make your employees feel valued. Effective employee recognition makes your workers realize that their contributions have added value to the company and are acknowledged by the management.

Moreover, employee recognition motivates your team members to give their best and work towards the common organizational goals. This leads to an increase in your organization's productivity with the total support of your employees.

7. Working On Onboarding Remote Employees

The traditional employee onboarding strategies are no longer relevant in welcoming remote employees to your organization. The lack of physical interaction and collaborative platforms has made it difficult for HR managers to onboard employees working remotely. To deal with these challenges, it is essential to revise your onboarding strategies and use advanced tools for undertaking the same.

Modern employee service desks allow HR managers to send personalized emails to new remote employees with all the details and resources necessary for onboarding them. Switching to such modern platforms would help you improve your onboarding processes and the overall employee experience within your organization.

The Final Word

These were some of the major post-COVID-19 work trends that you should focus on to enhance employee productivity within your organization as you enter 2022. Irrespective of your industry, the only way to cater to your employees in the age of digitization is by switching to advanced technologies and automated tools.

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