Pros And Cons Of Chatbots In The It Helpdesk

Pros And Cons Of Chatbots In The It Helpdesk
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The use of chatbots in the IT helpdesk is mounting because enterprises can surge the efficiency and productivity of the support desks. On the conflicting note, few organizations are being silent in adopting chatbots because these need a lot of content creation on many topics searched by employees.

Before you decide whether to deploy a chatbot IT helpdesk to improve customer satisfaction and support desk productivity, here are a few pros and cons you need to know.

3 pros and cons of chatbots used in the IT helpdesk:


1. Removes Workload

A chatbot reduces the pressure of work the support desk handles. It can do a lot of repetitive work in an accurate way that the employees don't have to worry about doing those works by themselves. That is why so many companies are preferring to have chatbots in their IT helpdesk to reduce the workload of their employees.

2. Instant Communication

As the chatbots are fed with a lot of information, they can create instant communication with the customers to solve their problems faster. In this way, the companies can have an immediate communication system with their customers with accuracy, and it can give utmost customer satisfaction from its side.

3. Personalisation

Sometimes the chatbots can be customized so the employees don't have to do anything at all in the IT helpdesk. Everything can be carried out by the chatbots, and the precision level also goes high in these cases.


1. Content creation Is Tiresome

Whenever you introduce a chatbot in the IT helpdesk, you will need to create and update a lot of information that goes into the chatbot. It is a very tiresome job for any employee who is responsible for this work. Sometimes operating a chatbot is tougher because too much information creates confusion.

2. Poor Programming

Sometimes the chatbots are not programmed properly, and it can be a big reason for the customers to reject them. In this case, customers don't want the service by the chatbots, and the employees have to deal with the problems by themselves. This is the reason why the chatbot should be tested properly so that it can give accurate results whenever they are deployed at a helpdesk.

3. Cost Factor

The right form of content should be developed and programmed to the bot windows. This needs a lot of data management and automation which costs a lot for any enterprise.


There can be a paradigm shift in the organization’s revenue if you consider the pros of using chatbots.

This generation of chatbots need high-level accuracy and should be employee-friendly. If you are looking to auto-resolve employee queries with a help of a chatbot, get in touch with team or join our insightful webinars on Modern Service Desk Management and ITSM.

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