Faster than a Comet : Earns Leading G2 Fall 2023 Badges

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Faster than a Comet : Earns Leading G2 Fall 2023 Badges
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Power of GenAI within Service Desk
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As the digital frontier continuously expands, we're proud to announce that stands tall with esteemed new G2 badges in the Fall 2023 report. Each badge is an emblem of our dedication and innovative approach in the Generative AI Employee Service Desk domain.

Our innovative Generative AI helpdesk for MS Teams has always made businesses and users happy!  

Our G2 Badges

See what has been awarded by G2 this season :

High Performer (Americas)  

GenAI Helpdesk Excellence Across the Americas

Earning this badge is a testament to our consistent performance across the Americas. Our GenAI-driven service desk solutions cater to diverse businesses, ensuring optimal results and streamlined operations. By leveraging generative AI technologies, we have set a benchmark for excellence for new age employee support and engagement.  

High Performer (mid-Market, Americas)  

GenAI-Powered Mastery for the Mid-Market

We are devoted to providing top-tier AI ticker resolution and knowledge management engine for the giants and the thriving mid-market sectors. Our solutions empower businesses to achieve greater productivity and satisfaction through a balance of innovation and adaptability – right within MS Teams.  

Easiest To Do Business With (Fall 2023)  

Robust GenAI, Ready to Tackle Your IT Support Challenges  

Simplifying business experience with advanced Generative AI integration is our forte. From the initial handshake to the final deliverables, we ensure smooth and enriching interactions, building long-term partnerships based on mutual growth and understanding. Our global clientele will tell you that you are in good company!

High Performer Mid-Market (Mid-Market)  

Championing Generative AI for Mid-Market Excellence’s unwavering dedication ensures that mid-sized businesses are included. Our Generative AI service desk elevates employee support operations, tickets, and queries in real-time - ensuring that they find and resolve whatever keeps them going in your organization.  

High Performer Fall 2023

Furthering Helpdesk Support with AI Innovation

Our solution was always rooted in innovation and adaptability, and this has distinguished us as a standout performer in the AI Help Desk domain. We adapt and evolve as the tech landscape shifts, ensuring that remains at the cutting edge.  

Easiest Setup Fall 2023

Swift and Seamless AI Setup

Beyond delivering advanced support and knowledge management solutions, we emphasize a user-friendly setup process. Our platforms integrate smoothly into existing infrastructures, highlighting our commitment to ensuring businesses can harness AI's power with minimal friction. can turn your MS Teams or Confluence or pretty much anything into a dynamic, interactive knowledge base via a friendly chat interface.  

Easiest Setup Mid-Market (Mid-Market)  

GenAI Integration Made Effortless provides a seamless integration experience tailored explicitly for mid-market operations. We prioritize a hassle-free onboarding process, allowing businesses to experience the transformative impact of AI quickly.  

Easiest To Use Mid-Market (Mid-Market)  

Designed for New Age Support Experience

Every tool and feature we design stems from an in-depth understanding of user needs. This philosophy ensures our platforms are intuitive, facilitating user engagement and optimizing operational workflows.  

Best Meets Requirements Mid-Market (Mid-Market)  

Custom GenAI Service Desk for Your MS Teams

By focusing on the unique requirements of the mid-market segment, we've crafted an AI service desk that perfectly aligns with their needs and integrates with 1000+ other legacy business platforms. This badge proves our commitment to delivering bespoke solutions that drive results.

Easiest Admin Mid-Market (Mid-Market)  

Unstuck Your IT Service Desk

We recognize the complexities of administrative tasks. Our platforms simplify these challenges by leveraging AI, turning daunting tasks into straightforward, efficient processes. The result is a highly streamlined admin experience for any IT department.  

Users Most Likely To Recommend Mid-Market (Mid-Market)  

Most Loved GenAI Service Desk

The trust and recommendations of our valued mid-market users underscore our dedication to excellence. It's not just about delivering an innovative GenAI solution; it's about forging lasting relationships based on reliability and results.  

Momentum Leader (Fall 2023)  

Driving the Future of AI Employee Support

Our innovative strides in the AI Service Helpdesk domain have given us significant momentum this season. We're not just participating in the AI revolution but leading it with determination and expertise guided by a laser-focused vision of hyper-efficient employee service desk.  

Easiest To Do Business With Mid-Market (Mid-Market)  

Your Generative AI-Powered Employee Support Bot within MS Teams

Our rapport with mid-market businesses is founded on mutual respect and understanding. We strive to make every interaction efficient and rewarding, reinforcing our role as a dependable AI-driven business partner.

These badges represent more than just recognition. They embody our relentless pursuit of excellence, our drive to innovate, and our commitment to delivering unparalleled AI solutions in the service helpdesk space. With our sights set on the horizon, is geared to continue pioneering, shaping the future of employee support and engagement within enterprises.  

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