Rezolve.Ai Integrates With Slack To Provide Instant Employee Support And Reduce Employee Friction

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Rezolve.Ai Integrates With Slack To Provide Instant Employee Support And Reduce Employee Friction
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We have a great news! is now available on Slack!

As you all know, at, our focus is to empower employees to work more efficiently and productively by providing quick, personalized support and to help our clients to boost their business ROI. In this regard, we are excited to announce that is finally available on Slack- a unified business communication platform. This integration aims to help users connect and easily access from Slack and help organizations reduce enterprise friction, which can cause serious trouble to their business.

What is enterprise Friction?

There is no doubt that ever since the outbreak of the pandemic, organizations- regardless of their size are facing a lot of changes. The trend of remote and hybrid work models has been a paradigm shift in implementing advanced technology to keep their enterprises functioning properly. But we cannot deny that this confused environment has often neglected employee support since they are not deemed a "priority". 

The term enterprise friction refers to the struggle that occurs during normal business processes. It could be anything that prevents or delays workforces from receiving instant support or a lack of right information or technical services provided by their organization. There are many ways that enterprise friction can happen such as: 

  • Lack of right and instant availability of information

  • Lack of employee training

  • Issues with devices like laptops, Wi-Fi etc.

  • Corrupted software

  • Password errors

  • Unable to access the document regarding company policy, employee benefits etc.

All these technical and non-technical issues (workplace friction) will prevent employees from working productively. Whenever they encounter such problems while doing their tasks, they often ask for help from the agents. But, most of the time, employees have to wait for a long time to get help from the support agents. And this is bound to leave employees unsatisfied, frustrated, and unproductive. 

As per the Mckinsey research, employees often waste almost 1.8 hours a day finding and collecting information. This will affect employee experience and productivity. Needless to say, when employees feel that their employer cannot provide the right support, they will leave the organization. Thus, it is high –time for employers to invest in a robust enterprise service desk that can provide seamless support to employees and ensure a frictionless workplace culture. 

What makes crucial for reducing enterprise friction? is a next-generation SAAS enterprise service management platform that helps large and small enterprises streamline their IT and HR-related. Being conversational ai-powered service desk platform that aims to reduce enterprise friction by offering contextual and personalized employee support within 15 seconds. All they have to do is just to have a conversation with the bot that is integrated right within collaborative platforms like MS Teams and Slack, where they spend most of their time. auto-resolves many common issues and mundane manual tasks using its cutting-edge conversational AI-powered virtual assistants like Alexa or Siri, intelligent automation engine, invisible ticketing system, and "twitter-age" knowledge management system. It can also involve experts resolving an issue where a chatbot cannot help (expert live chat). 

Apart from this provide a conversational microlearning platform named Anyone in the company can create interactive 5-7 minutes learning units in the form of images, audio, video, Gifs, quizzes, games etc which can be accessed right within MS Teams and Slack. for Slack

Earlier,'s support was only available within MS Teams. Thanks to this integration, Slack users would now be able to interact with the bot and get quick support on their IT and HR-related requests and issues such as password resetting, software provisioning, configuring laptops, and request for documents, troubleshooting support without the need of a dedicated support agent. Earlier support agents were overwhelmed with these kinds of queries and complaints and were not able to focus on their actual and productive tasks. Provided with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Conversational AI, the platform examines complicated language patterns to understand employee issues and requests and generates resolution. 

Here are some of the major reasons why you should use within Slack.

  1. Easy accessible

  2. Pan-organizational Support

  3. Deliver personalized support

  4. Provide conversational experience to the user

  5. Robust knowledge management

  6. Automated service desk workflow

With, employees around the globe are empowered to be their most productive selves every day. It is because provides: 

  • Instant and effortless IT and HR-related support within collaborative platforms like MS Teams and Slack

  • Seamless accessibility to the robust knowledge management system

  • Boost employee engagement by conducting employee engagement surveys within Slack and Teams

  • Automation of routine tasks

  • Creates tickets without leaving the collaborative platform

When employees feel better-supported 24/7 while working remotely or from the office, they often feel connected with their organizations. This will reduce employee friction and allow employees to remain motivated, perform better and stay with their employees for a long time.

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