Rezolve.Ai Selected As An Aragon Research Hot Vendor In Conversational Ai In 2021

Rezolve.Ai Selected As An Aragon Research Hot Vendor In Conversational Ai In 2021
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We are proud to announce that has been selected as an Aragon Research Hot Vendor™ in Conversational AI, 2021. We'd like to take this opportunity to express gratitude to Aragon Research and the authors, Craig Kennedy and Adam Peas. This Research-note highlights the vendors with interesting, cutting-edge products & services or technologies in the field of conversational AI. 

Aragon Research has noted the use of conversational AI for auto-resolution of issues by It also highlights that enterprises that depend on Microsoft Teams to get work done should look at for its unique support within MS Teams. 

What is Conversational AI?

None of us could have predicted where the global pandemic Covid-19 would take us, but the year 2020 alone has created more digitalization than the past decade. Today, small and large enterprises are finding themself augmented with this digital transformation, and real change is happening at scale. Fortune 500 companies to start-ups are leveraging the scopes of conversational AI chatbots to enhance their business processes, such as customer service, employee support, workflow automation, employee onboarding, etc. 

Aragon Research defines Conversational AI as deep learning that works with speech and text to record, transcribes, and analyzes content. It also comes in the form of chatbots, which we have also called virtual agents. These systems support enterprises internally and externally by facilitating communication through greeting, fielding basic questions, and offering increasingly advanced assistance to associates in real-time. 

Why do companies need Conversational AI?

Some of the highly recognized benefits of Conversational AI include the following: 

  • Higher productivity

  • Lower cost of customer care

  • Improved employee experience

  • Interactive brand messaging

  • Knowledge management system

  • Automated ticketing in Employee Service Desks 

Recently, many traditional service desks have started to take their first tentative steps towards setting up a “chatbot-as-a-channel”. However –therein lies the issue. They view chatbot as one more channel that they must accommodate because of market demand - an appendage at best. 

Why is a modern Enterprise Service Management platform that helps big and small enterprises automate their IT, HR and other employee support. It distinguishes itself from similar products in many ways, as discussed below. To begin with, we are one of the very few products positioned as an “AI-Powered Enterprise Service Management” product. Our product serves the entire employee and enterprise need – and not just IT, HR etc. has many nuanced differentiations that increase adoption and provide significant gains to its customers. Key features of include: 

  • Natural language model: One of the primary functions of a conversational AI platform is the ability to understand the users. The natural language capabilities should be robust - and not “toy-like”

  • Knowledge management: has unique “three-layered” knowledge reference architecture. Our Virtual Assistants can search for knowledge in our own Knowledge Management System and the existing documents or the website. And finally, if it does not find anything relevant there, it can search even Google or Bing, if asked!

  • Live chat - Human+AI: One of the core design principles of is to ensure that employees can get instant assistance in less than 15 seconds. If AI alone cannot help and does not have an auto-resolution built-in for a particular issue, human experts can take on that issue.

  • Focus on MS Teams as a native channel: It is important to provide support to the employees via an application that they spend substantial time collaborating and communicating with team members.

  • Invisible Ticketing with triaging, Smart ticket creation and Ticket routing: has many out-of-the-box triaging and smart ticketing templates that subscribers are free to deploy, that can automate the typical first level of support.

To quote the Aragon Research, Who Should Evaluate  

Foremost, enterprises that depend on Microsoft Teams to get work done should look at for its unique support for Teams, and the feature set it brings to the table. Beyond those enterprises, buyers who want to optimize their ability to field and respond to employee tickets should look to can eliminate significant impediments through its instantaneous responsivity alone.

Typically, our subscribers see an improvement in both employee productivity and service desk efficiency - and at the same time “future-proofing” their service desk and adding resilience to their enterprise in today’s uncertain times.

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