Self-Service Portals: A Boon Or Bane?

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Self-Service Portals: A Boon Or Bane?
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Self-Service Portals are websites that empower the employees and other end-users to find answers to the queries quickly.  

With all of us transition to the AI era, searching for information and knowledge is becoming easy. So, employees and other end-users using the portals normally don't need any assistance as they have the prerequisite knowledge to operate the same.  

What are the must-have elements in a self-service portal?

A self-service portal must have a few bare essentials like:  

  • Maintaining a knowledge base and the functionality to search the same

  • A list of predefined services

  • Functionality for a user to create a ticket when there's no available resolution.

  • Functionality to check the status of raised tickets

What are the benefits of a Self-Service Portal?

  • Reduced overall costs

  • Increases employees' knowledge

  • Improving the productivity of employees and support teams

  • Better relationship between IT and employees

  • Improving Customer satisfaction while also improving the credibility of the company

What are the various ways employees can access a Self-Service Portal?

Employees can access self-Service portals via:

  • web browser

  • email, or

  • mobile app.

With the help of integrating tools such as MS Teams, it takes self-service to a whole new level. Chatbots are becoming intelligent and more conversational with the help of Conversational AI.  

Why Companies Need Self Service Portal?

It makes sense to think of the question-  

"Why do I need a self-service portal when I already have a well-functioning portal?"  

Here's what Self-service portals can guarantee you:  

  • Faster service delivery to keep up with the rapid demand with the help of agile releases.

  • Ensuring traceability and visibility across data this in turn, helps in data accuracy.

  • In terms of cost, it is considered cost-effective and can increase productivity and performance. Self-service portals can connect you with the right experienced professionals who will help you out as and when you need it.

  • Finally, the Upgradation of your software can be taken up a notch with this kind of portal due to the seamless modernization it has to offer.

What are the challenges of having a self-service portal?

  • Having a self-service portal can lack human touch as they require minimal human interaction.

  • A poorly designed self-service portal can make users not want to use the portal. Therefore, affecting employee satisfaction.

  • Constantly updating a knowledge base can be strenuous and is a tasking activity for the service delivery team.

What is the scope for improvement?

The phrase self-service goes hand in hand with automation. This means that, as and when you integrate AI into your portal, it can solve half of your problems while guaranteeing your employee satisfaction. Automation plays a key role in terms of improving your portal.  

Consider the use of chatbots via channels to address employee's issues and problems. They no longer have to wait for the issue to be assigned to an agent; instead, chatbots that use AI can indulge and address all of the employee's issues.

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