The Future Of Service Desks

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The Future Of Service Desks
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Power of GenAI within Service Desk
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Did you know that the projected market size of service desk by 2023 is 11 billion dollars! The service desks are one the fastest growing and the most evolving part of the business at present.  

It is due to the inclusion of automation and AI-powered feedback systems that increase the employee's productivity and experience.  

It is said that 62% of the employees observe a faulty IT process within the organization, making it the most problematic department.  

The need to change and understand the employee requirements equipped with the automated systems can help an organization to thrive and survive in this world of ever-evolving digitalization and move forward with a head start.  

So, how do we elevate the employee experience and turn it into productive hours instead?  

1) Automation:

  • Between now and 2024, the global information technology service management (ITSM) is expected to grow by 7.58% with year-over-year reports and eventually reach $3.29 billion as an industry. (source)

  • This is due to the increase in the use of automated systems which are solving the queries in the least time possible and the booming industry reaches new peaks. Going by the statistics, robot process automation (RPA) paired with Artificial Intelligence can unlock $134 billion in trapped labor value by 2022.

  • Studies suggest that half of today’s work activities will be automated by at least 2050. (source)  

  • The increase in the popularity of artificial intelligence in information technologies as the market is set to increase by 32% compound annual growth rate and reach $237 billion by 2025. (source)  

2) Adopt the right tools:

  • Organizations are focused on differentiating themselves from the competition by offering advanced ITSM capabilities such as analytics, chatbots, virtual assistance, artificial intelligence, and employee support.  

  • The global cloud IT service management (ITSM) market size is projected to reach $15,668.0 million by 2026 which makes the market more valuable than ever before. (source)  

  • The deployment of these tools is expected to help reduce IT costs by 25-45% and increase operational efficiency by 45-65%. (source)  

  • In June 2019, Canada's Toronto Pearson International Airport deployed Symphony Summit AI's artificial intelligence AI-enabled, cloud-based IT service management (ITSM) suite. (source)  

  • An enterprise's IT operations can be enhanced by adopting the facility of the automated service desk to achieve 75% more productivity with lesser manual work. (source)

With the ability of these tools the service portals can handle the queries and tickets in much faster and efficient ways. The employees can work smoothly without waiting and easy to understand steps and guidance.

Personalized solutions make it more unique and effective in solving problems, which is one of the main hindrances at work.  

The integration of ITSM into reporting services such as any accidents across the institutions enhances the capabilities built into the service desk systems. As such, provide the critical monitoring and performance indicators necessary to enable management to identify business trends before they negatively impact existing products and processes.

The integration of artificial intelligence across the IT services makes it possible for banks and similar organizations to automate their traditional business process, thereby significantly decreasing the need for manual real-time monitoring. For instance, when implemented, facial-recognition technology is expected to benefit banks, financial and various other institutions while providing a higher degree of security.  

The clarity in communication helps in creating an engaging workspace and employee satisfaction which is one of the key factors of a successful business. It helps create a productive workspace with fast paced work systems, turning the waiting hours into productive ones.

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Power of GenAI within Service Desk
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