The Importance Of Root Cause Analysis In The Itsm Industry

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The Importance Of Root Cause Analysis In The Itsm Industry
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By definition, root cause analysis is defined as the analysis and systematic approach towards identifying the central problem causing the issue and working on the solutions. 

It is often said that do not treat the symptoms but target the underlying root cause of the problem, and the problem will no longer resurface. 

In root cause analysis, the analysts and service desk agents aim at solving the hidden key cause and find solutions for the same. 

Key factors that Root Cause Analysis Focuses On:

  • Finding the recurring and underlying issue which affects the various spheres of functioning

  • Analyze all the factors and take into consideration all the multiple effects of the same.

  • Gather data and information for reliability.

  • Collaboratively function with departments to find the clarification to the cause of the issue.

  • Make check systems that prevent the recurrence of the issue.

  • Solve the issues before it reaches the employees and be proactive.

  • Be observant and on toes to solve the issue

  • Analyze the functioning of the organization for potential problems and mitigate solutions.

  • Realizing the fact that there can be multiple root cause analysis.

The root cause analysis is more of a systematic and professional way of approaching and solving a given issue. It helps the organization to prevent the problems and be proactive. 

Root cause analysis is crucial for the organization's continuous development and keeps in check the underlying issues. So it is easier for the agents to be proactive and solve the problems at an early stage. 

The analysis of the root cause could sometimes take a long time due to the data collection process. The data collected data can be error-prone and lack reliability due to a lack of regular updates. 

This is where the power of automation significantly changes the scenario. 

Automated root cause analysis can save time and increase the reliability of the data. IDC's prediction is that the investments in artificial intelligence are set to reach $77.6 billion by 2022. (source) 

Benefits of an Automated and Artificial Intelligence- Powered System

  • Reduces the time for the root cause analysis by 90%.

  • The automated systems keep the data updated and regularly audited

  • Automation can easily identify the anomalies in the data to ease the process of identifying the root cause

  • Artificial intelligence regularly trains the models with the trends and insights from the usage by the organization.

  • The data can also be displayed in graphical and diagrammatically for better visual representation and understanding of the data

  • The machine learning algorithms are proactive and notify the concerned agents in real-time

  • Automation can customize the algorithms of artificial intelligence according to the needs of the organization.

  • The system provides unbiased suggestions and solutions

  • Provides the best optimal solution possible with the consideration for the constraints.

  • The solutions and data updates are updated across all the departments.

Henceforth, be proactive in solving the solutions and get the head start leveraging the power of automation and artificial intelligence.

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