The Traditional Service Desk Is Built For Agents Not Employees

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The Traditional Service Desk Is Built For Agents Not Employees
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We live in an age where it is almost impossible to work without using any software platform. Whether you work in an office or from your home, almost every sector of every industry requires the use of some software platform for performing specific activities.

However, using these software platforms is not a completely smooth ride. It is common for employees to face certain challenges in working effectively in their workspaces. These issues range from minor technical glitches like Wi-Fi issues to more complicated ones like system errors. The issues regarding the software need to be resolved as soon as possible because the work should not suffer.

This is where the service desk jumps in.

What Is A Traditional Service Desk?

In the case of a traditional service desk, the help asked for by an employee can be in the form of an incident resolution or service request fulfillment. In simple words, the employees facing issues can lodge a complaint by issuing a ticket for their case, citing the problem they are facing. The concerned agent will look at the cases and resolve them as soon and as effectively as possible.

A good employee service desk involves several ITSM (IT Service Management) activities, including service request management, knowledge management, incident management, and reporting. It is important for the IT department to be vigilant and precise in carrying out all these processes effectively in a way that the employees’ work is not affected.

However, the traditional service desk is rarely able to keep up with the cases lodged by employees and solve them effectively. For a long time, employees in several organizations have been facing issues with their IT service desks.

The Problem With Traditional Service Desks

The pivotal problem with traditional service desk is that the services are more fruitful for the agents and less fruitful for the employees. This puts the entire purpose of an IT service desk in jeopardy.

The main problem faced by the employees is the fact that it takes an abnormally long amount of time to get their issues resolved. This is because of the prioritization of cases by traditional service desk processes.

If several employees lodge their cases simultaneously, the agents will focus on the case that is deemed most important according to their code of conduct. This will keep the other employees handing without a simple solution to their simple problem.

Let us take an example of two employees working in an organization – X and Y. X has been facing a minor issue of a software bug that has been hampering their work. On the other hand, Y has been facing the issue of the system crashing repeatedly.

Both X and Y lodge their cases to the employee service desk.

Now, the service desk agent will take up Y’s case on priority and channel all the resources for resolving the same. In the meantime, X, whose issue could have been resolved easily, will have no other option but to wait.

The Traditional Service Desk Is Built For Agents

Although these platforms are built for serving the employees, the traditional service desks are essentially developed for the agents. They are used by the agents to create tickets pertaining to the problems faced by employees and resolve them accordingly.

Moreover, a lot of employee service desk platforms are sold on a “per agent” cost instead of taking employees into consideration. This is because employees are often not too comfortable with using these platforms as it either confuses them or makes them wait for too long.

This has resulted in more agents and fewer employees using the traditional service desk for getting their issues resolved.

This is where we reach the conclusion that a traditional service desk was never really meant for the employees. Such a system makes business processes lag and adversely affects employee productivity.

This problem can be solved by bringing artificial intelligence into the equation.

AI Help Desk – The Solution

The most plausible solution to this problem is to set up an AI help desk in your organization. As the name suggests, this is an IT service desk equipped with the power and automation of artificial intelligence.

An AI help desk makes matters extremely easy and quick for the employees when it comes to getting their issues resolved. The advanced and automated platform stores all relevant information pertaining to any possible issue that can be faced by the employees.

Now, when an employee seeks help, they are provided with a number of effective ways to troubleshoot the problems within seconds! This removes the need to wait unnecessarily for an agent to solve their problems. The AI help desk has personalized answers to almost every question raised by an employee.

Automated chatbots play an important role in such help desks. They take on the role of traditional service desk agents and cater to the specific problems faced by the employees. The moment an employee lodges a case, the bots scan the entire knowledge base to come up with the best solution to that very problem.

There is an array of services that an AI help desk provides apart from handling cases of employees. For example, not only provides personalized answers to the problems but also helps employees in solving password issues, on-boarding, and off-boarding users, connecting to IT experts in real-time, installing software, and a range of other services.

AI help desk is definitely the need of the hour and is here to stay. It empowers the employees in solving their issues without being dependent on an agent, by raising a quick case on their devices. It is a much more handy and efficient alternative to the traditional service desk.

The Final Word

Looking at the benefits of an AI-supported help desk, it can be clearly implied that this automated platform is built to help the employees by providing them with quick and reliable solutions to their problems.

While the traditional service desk made employees wait to get their cases resolved, the AI help desk makes the process as easy as making a Google search or talking to a chatbot. It is such platforms that are instrumental in boosting employee productivity within an organization, helping it get the traction it deserves!

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