This Week In Microsoft Teams - 14th Feb 2021
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This Week In Microsoft Teams - 14th Feb 2021

Migration of Skype for Business Users

Businesses have been adopting Microsoft Teams for some time but its use as a communication management tool took hold in 2020 after the new era of remote working prompted more employees to move into the cloud.

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Microsoft Teams is available to guests

Microsoft will start enabling guest access in Microsoft Teams beginning Monday, Feb. 8, according to an announcement. If the guest access setting hasn't been set In the Microsoft Teams Admin Center portal, existing Teams users will be enabled for guest access. This setting will have to be disabled explicitly if organizations don't want guests allowed in Teams. 

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Microsoft Teams simplifies file sharing

New file sharing functionality will be available to Microsoft Teams users in the near future. Users will be able to streamline the process of setting permissions, allowing them to share and view files on their Teams workspaces and also from other Microsoft cloud storage tools.

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“Raise Hand” feature to work with keyboard shortcut

Microsoft is planning to integrate a new accessibility feature that expands on the existing raise hand function. The feature will soon be supported by a keyboard shortcut across the Mac, Windows, and Web clients. In large or busy meetings, users can click a button to ask questions.

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