This Week In Microsoft Teams - 21St Feb 2021

Employee Experience
This Week In Microsoft Teams - 21St Feb 2021
MS Teams

Microsoft Viva Advances Employee Apps, But Challenges Remain

On Feb. 4, Microsoft launched the first public version of Microsoft Viva, expanding the company's employee applications strategy to embrace things like employee productivity, employee collaboration, and employee experience. 

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You can now disable chat during Microsoft Teams meetings

Microsoft responded to thousands of people's requests to enable the ability to disable chats within meetings and rolled out the feature to Teams. Now, people can enable or disable chats per-meeting. 

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Microsoft To Deliver 'Teams Pro' Rebrand in Mid-March

In mid-March, there will be a Teams Pro product for organizations with subscriptions to Microsoft 365 and Office 365 E3/E3 and A3/A5 plans, as well as the Business Standard and Business Premium plans. 

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Microsoft Introduces New Hub for Work Learning

Microsoft Viva brings resources such as learning, self-care, collaboration and well-being closer to the individual and the team at which he or she works. The hub can connect a user's work experience both to them at work and to the organization at which they work. 

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Microsoft Teams AI could soon tell you which attendees are most engaged

Microsoft has developed an artificial intelligence tool that provides users with powerful information about the most engaged meeting participants. A neural network will be used to analyze facial expressions and determine how individuals react to a speaker. 

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Hands-on with Milestones and Bulletins — the newest tools in Microsoft Teams

Here's a look at Milestones and Bulletins and what they can help you accomplish if you're hoping to get started with them. 

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What's New in Microsoft Teams for February 2021?

Microsoft has yet again updated its Teams platform, just in time for the beginning of February. Microsoft's research and development department continue to focus on making the Teams environment more welcoming for users from all landscapes. 

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Disable people's video within Microsoft Teams

All hosts will be able to control which video feeds appear within meetings so that they can control who makes such a distraction with their video. 

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