This Week In Microsoft Teams - 21St March 2021

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This Week In Microsoft Teams - 21St March 2021
MS Teams

Microsoft Teams will Enable Users to Switch Between Devices  

Microsoft recently announced in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center that the feature would be rolling out to commercial and GCC tenant tenants later this month, and it will be generally available in April.

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Microsoft Teams Introduces Live Transcription  

Users will have the option of creating transcripts for meetings along with the meeting and downloading the transcripts in a Word format after the meeting. However, meeting organizers can also delete the saved transcript from the desktop client. There are also administrative controls that allow for these settings.

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Microsoft Teams' Switcher Allows Users to Customize Meeting Content  

Microsoft Teams users will be able to change between Together mode, Focus, Gallery at the top, and Fullscreen to view meeting content.

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Microsoft Ignite: An Eventful Virtual Event  

Microsoft Ignite is one of the biggest and most important tech innovation events every year. The three-day virtual conference featured keynotes from executives and experts, as well as lots of news on Microsoft’s new products that should help the IT department and end-users.

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Microsoft Redesigns Microsoft Teams Webinars  

Teams allow webinar organizers to have customized registration options, allowing them to monetize their events while protecting attendees' privacy by preventing them from learning other people's names during a webinar.

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Microsoft deepens Teams and Dynamics integration

Microsoft has released a host of updates for the relationship between Teams and Dynamics aimed at delivering a more integrated experience. The new features are broken down into five categories: sales, marketing, customer and field service, and human resources.

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Users Can Easily Share Meeting Invites Using Microsoft Teams

The ability to have an instant meeting is a welcome addition, and it will make things that much easier for teachers and meeting organizers alike. The update is gradually being rolled out to all Teams users and is expected to be generally available by early April.

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How Does MS Teams Work as a Service Desk?  

Microsoft Teams is a cool team collaboration tool that allows teams to share workspaces. The service desk’s integration with Microsoft Teams makes it easier for human agents to operate within automated workflows while solving common requests and removing backlogs. It is a compelling way for the service desk team to remain connected and productive at all times.

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12 Reasons Why Microsoft Teams Integrated Helpdesk Works the Best

Do your agents miss critical ticket updates, such as the next deadline or employee response? Do you use Microsoft Teams to collaborate? Not only does Microsoft Teams help employees get quick support, but it also improves the productivity of your support team. Here are 12 reasons why you might be convinced to try Microsoft Teams.

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