This Week In Microsoft Teams - 28th Feb 2021

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This Week In Microsoft Teams - 28th Feb 2021
MS Teams

Microsoft Teams will soon offer ad-hoc meetings  

Microsoft Teams is getting a new feature that simplifies setting up quick meetings. The previous workflow required users to click the “New Meeting” button in the calendar tab, fill in all meeting details, including title, date, time, meeting info sections, etc., to share a meeting invite.  

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Microsoft Teams update will reduce meetings admin  

An upcoming update to Microsoft's Teams collaboration platform will allow users to create instant “Meet Now” links, which can be used to launch into a meeting instantly. According to the company's product roadmap, the feature will be available shortly.  

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Microsoft will integrate Teams, Outlook, and Dynamics 365  

Dynamics 365 users will be able to embed Teams chat, meetings, calling, and records directly in Dynamics 365 apps, such as Customer Service and Sales, to make team collaboration more real-time.  

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Microsoft Teams enables conference calls without setting up a meeting  

Microsoft Teams users can now copy and share a Meet Now without starting the meeting first. According to the Teams roadmap, the Teams update will begin rolling out to the Microsoft Teams Mac and Windows desktop clients and the Web application in late February.  

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Microsoft Teams based Service Desk  

People stopped going out of their homes, reducing demand, which resulted in businesses suffering a backlog of work and job losses. While many businesses laid off their workers, others had to shut their doors for an unusually long time, thanks to digital technology.  

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