This Week In Microsoft Teams - 7th March 2021

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This Week In Microsoft Teams - 7th March 2021
MS Teams

Microsoft Teams Gets a Slimmer Look 

Microsoft has announced a new version of Microsoft Teams as a Progressive Web App (PWA) that lets users with lower-level devices run the platform without suffering significant slowed-down performance. The service is still in development, but it is expected to begin rolling out soon, according to WindowsLatest. 

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Microsoft Teams could be a lot faster with a Windows 10 app. 

A Microsoft document explains how Teams works, including how it's built on Electron. Being built on Electron allows Microsoft to develop Teams quickly in a cross-platform way, but it's not the only way to achieve those benefits. The Teams Web app uses a little more memory in the screenshot, though it could change in future versions of Teams. 

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Add a link to Microsoft Teams Chat in Your Email Signature 

People outside your company will be able to use this link if your Teams admins have allowed external guests to chat with people inside your organization. If they haven’t, this link won't work. You can now take the link and add it to your email signature. 

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Microsoft will add AI to Polls in Teams meetings 

Microsoft Teams will get a host of new features that enhance the built-in poll feature and make virtual meetings more productive and engaging, according to an update to the Microsoft 365 roadmap (via Neowin). 

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Microsoft introduces pop-out apps in Teams 

Microsoft Teams is introducing an even more immersive experience for employees. Microsoft believes that staff needs more ways to control their access to apps and services because Teams is at the heart of the digital workplace. 

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Microsoft Teams just made it easier to remain silent in your next meeting 

Even though the Microsoft Teams update is likely meant to encourage users to interact face-to-face, it may actually work to the opposite effect. Microsoft has rolled out a tweak to its Teams collaboration tool to force attendees off-screen if their webcam is not activated. 

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Microsoft Teams thinks it's important to promote this feature 

Microsoft is planning major updates to its Teams feature that lets meeting hosts poll attendees in real-time. Over the last few days, Microsoft has released several roadmap entries that detail several tweaks to the Teams poll service. 

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Microsoft adds remote monitoring tools, integration to healthcare cloud 

In November, Microsoft launched its healthcare cloud offering and Epic became the first EHR to integrate Microsoft Teams Connector in September, which lets clinics and patients launch telehealth visits through Epic's platform. 

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Microsoft Teams tasks get more labels and colors 

Microsoft is adding color and label options to Teams and Planner tasks. Labels can help you organize tasks more precisely. You can use labels to flag risks, notify delays, fine-tune task priority, clarify accountabilities, or categorize tasks into multiple buckets. 

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