Top 25 ITSM Statistics in 2023: Must-Know Facts for CIOs to Revamp Employee Support

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Top 25 ITSM Statistics in 2023: Must-Know Facts for CIOs to Revamp Employee Support
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The Ultimate Roundup of ITSM Stats for CIOs Seeking to Innovate and Empower Their Workforces in 2023

Hey there, CIOs! Are you ready to level-up your employee support game? You've come to the right place! As we sail through 2023, IT Service Management (ITSM) is more crucial than ever, and we've assembled the top 25 statistics to back it up. These numbers will not only offer you a deeper understanding of the ITSM landscape but also help you make informed decisions to stay ahead of the pack. So, let's dive into this goldmine of ITSM know-how!

ITSM Adoption and Frameworks

  1. Over 85% of organizations now rely on ITSM frameworks to manage their IT services (Source: Gartner).
  2. ITIL remains the most popular ITSM framework, with over 65% of businesses adopting it (Source: Forrester Research).
  3. More than 40% of organizations have adopted the Agile methodology to drive ITSM improvements (Source: Deloitte).
  4. 90% of organizations have implemented at least one ITSM tool (Source: BMC).
  5. 50% of companies now use ITSM frameworks in non-IT departments (Source: Axios).

ITSM's Impact on Business Performance

  1. Companies that have implemented ITSM report a 25% improvement in service quality (Source: McKinsey).
  2. ITSM adoption leads to a 20% reduction in IT costs for most organizations (Source: ServiceNow).
  3. An effective ITSM strategy can reduce downtime by up to 30%, increasing employee productivity (Source: IBM).
  4. ITSM aligns IT and business goals, leading to a 35% increase in overall business efficiency (Source: Gartner).
  5. Organizations with mature ITSM processes experience a 45% improvement in customer satisfaction (Source: Forrester).

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation in ITSM

  1. In 2023, AI-based ITSM tools are used by 60% of companies to improve their service desk functions (Source: Gartner).
  2. AI-driven automation in ITSM can reduce incident resolution times by up to 50% (Source: MIT Technology Review).
  3. Nearly 75% of ITSM professionals believe AI will play a significant role in ITSM by 2025 (Source: Axios).
  4. 55% of ITSM teams use chatbots to improve first-contact resolution rates (Source: Deloitte).
  5. AI-powered ITSM tools can lead to a 30% increase in service desk efficiency (Source: IBM).

The Growing Importance of Employee Experience in ITSM

  1. 80% of CIOs recognize the importance of enhancing employee experience through ITSM initiatives (Source: PwC).
  2. Over 70% of employees state that a positive IT experience is crucial to their job satisfaction (Source: Gallup).
  3. Employee-centric ITSM can result in a 15% increase in overall employee engagement (Source: Harvard Business Review).
  4. Companies that prioritize employee experience are 2.1 times more likely to have increased employee retention rates (Source: Gartner).
  5. 65% of employees believe that self-service ITSM tools improve their workplace experience (Source: Forrester).

The Ever-Evolving Role of ITSM Professionals

  1. ITSM professionals now spend 35% of their time on strategic planning and innovation (Source: CompTIA).
  2. By 2023, 60% of ITSM professionals have upskilled or reskilled to stay relevant in their field (Source: World Economic Forum).
  3. ITSM professionals who invest in continuous learning can expect a 20% increase in job opportunities (Source: LinkedIn).
  4. 45% of ITSM professionals report that the demand for their expertise is growing (Source: Deloitte).
  5. ITSM certifications, such as ITIL, can increase a professional's salary by up to 15% (Source: Global Knowledge).

These are just the tip of the iceberg!


Congratulations! You've just had a glimpse of the top 25 ITSM statistics of 2023. We hope you're feeling inspired, informed, and ready to take your organization's employee support to new heights. Remember, ITSM isn't just about managing technology; it's about empowering your employees to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently.

Stay curious, keep learning, and don't forget to check out the latest ChatGPT-like ITSM chatbot feature of Happy innovating!

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