Top 4 Reasons Why Your Hr Needs A Ticketing System Right Away

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Top 4 Reasons Why Your Hr Needs A Ticketing System Right Away

Top 4 Reasons Why Your Hr Needs A Ticketing System Right Away

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Top 4 Reasons Why Your Hr Needs A Ticketing System Right Away
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The COVID-19 outbreak has disrupted our lives and interrupted the day-to-day functioning of our businesses. Uncertainty abounds, and speculations take center stage. Being a vital department with a direct connection with the employer and the employees, the human resources department (HR) keeps an organization up and running. In these unprecedented times, the HR team is responsible for taking up employee engagement drives to make sure that their workforce still feels that their company values them. 

In this quick and constant change phase, the entire workforce will have several queries about even small matters and need instant support from HR. This has affected many HR professionals, as they are too tied up with responding to the same questions multiple times and handling other duties. 

The constant evolution of business procedures has created a need for simple processes to share information. HR helpdesk systems render businesses a competitive edge by making intercommunication easier and quicker. 

Through the 24/7 HR helpdesk, the HR team can assist the employees and ensure adequate turnaround time. 

Do HR professionals really need a modern ticketing system?

They handle employee issues, identify their needs, interview, recruit, coordinate the workforce, and resolve employee issues. These are just a drop of water when compared to the ocean of tasks performed by an HR. 

However, many times, HR professionals are distracted and have to resolve employee problems or answer their questions constantly. HRs in such a situation are forced to focus more on answering questions than on other essential tasks. 

Here are the top 4 reasons why your HR needs a modern service desk right away: 

  1. The ever-increasing and ever-changing workforce

    With the greatest number of businesses going online due to the pandemic, employees in every department have found suitable times to work. Also, many companies have gone global, making it hard for HRs to keep track or be in constant touch with their employees. Also, at times an employee might come up with a question or an issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. If the HR agent is busy with some other works, the whole process will be delayed and cumbersome.

  2. Tons of requests and questions coming in

    Since HRs are in the closest and most direct contact with the employees, any query related to the work or the company is asked directly to the HRs, leading to a flood of queries and requests that the HR needs to respond to.

    Some of the frequent queries raised by employees are:

    - What is the dress code?

    - What are the work timings?

    - When are the holidays? Etc.

    Even if the company has uploaded all the details regarding such questions to their knowledge base on its official website, employees ask HR for every minute detail.

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  3. No personal interaction

    At times, the HR might be equipped with much work due to which he/she might miss out on some requests received or might not be able to respond to a query, or if they even respond, the answer could be incorrect or incomplete.

  4. Less focus on other responsibilities

    The daily work does not end with responding to employee problems or doing some administrative work. It is much more than that like: 

  • Recruiting and selecting.

  • Performing management.

  • Learning & development.

  • Planning.

  • Seeing after compensation and benefits.

  • Handling Human Resources Information Systems.

  • Monitoring HR data and analytics.

However, HR gets a minimum of time to focus on these things. He is mainly preoccupied with providing guidance and solution to his employees, like installing specific software or briefing the employees regarding a particular code of conduct. 

How a modern service desk caters to the needs of HRs?

A modern service desk can be a one-stop solution to all the problems faced by HR if chosen wisely. But the question is, do we need a modern service desk? Are the traditional service desk methodologies not capable enough? 

Here are some of the critical points which give the modern service desks an edge over the traditional ones and also how they solve problems faced by HR: 

  • While HR is busy with other managerial responsibilities, the employees would not need to wait for HR to explain everything. They can get their doubts cleared in "real-time" by a chatbot. The traditional service desk management also spent most of its time focusing on ITSM compared to the modern ones. ITSM, short for IT service management, includes all the processes and activities to support IT services.

  • The automated working of modern-day service desks is fully capable of multitasking, i.e., they can handle a range of queries or requests from several employees at the same time. While modern service desk enables a one-stop destination for every employee problem, traditional service desk management had to use every different service desk for every different problem. Agents get overburdened quickly if an organization hires dedicated employees to handle support because of the number of requests pouring in.

  • Having personal interaction with automated machinery might be awkward for some. Still, modern service desks are intricately designed to get a personalized answer for every question. Since a human is not a machine and can-do multitasking up to a specific limit only, it was not realistically possible for the employees to handle every query or request personally. However, with everything now being automated, each query gets personalized support.

  • Of course, when a company used dedicated employees for handling support, they would get overburdened, resulting in delayed responses or solutions, eventually hampering the speed of work of the organization.

What are the benefits of HR Ticketing Software?

HR Help Desks and HR ticketing system makes it easy for HR to perform daily operations such as recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and rating their workforces. It works as a handy tool for organizing and managing queries. Furthermore, it is a self-service portal for everything from organization policies and training to submitting queries and requests. 

  • Develop a common collaborative platform to share data

  • Enhance workforce efficiency by creating a robust HR system.

  • Ensure one-to-one communication between employees and the senior management of the organization

  • Transform internal communication to be easier

  • Streamline data integration

  • Ensure employees' queries are resolved in a hassle-free manner

  • Combine data from all queries to generate a report

  • Streamline the appraisal process as well.

Final words 

Modern problems require a modern solution, and if it is eventually concerned with the growth of your organization, one should not take any chances. is a leading fully automated conversational automated service desk system, which guarantees you to solve a wide range of employee issues in real-time. Using AI-enabled HR Ticketing System reduces 70% of repetitive questions and boosts the HR team’s productivity to 35%.

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