Using Microsoft Teams To Deliver It Support: How Can Rezolve.Ai Help Enterprises?

Using Microsoft Teams To Deliver It Support: How Can Rezolve.Ai Help Enterprises?

Using Microsoft Teams To Deliver It Support: How Can Rezolve.Ai Help Enterprises?

Using Microsoft Teams To Deliver It Support: How Can Rezolve.Ai Help Enterprises?
MS Teams

Since the summer of 2020, organizations across the globe have made a major switch in the way they carry out their business processes and collaborate with their employees. As the global pandemic made situations worse, professionals were forced to stay indoors and work remotely. This resulted in an unprecedented increase in online collaborative platforms.  

Online collaborative platforms allowed organizations to set up virtual workspaces and connect with all their employees working remotely. These virtual offices allow employees to communicate, share files, and obtain all necessary updates from a single digital platform. Platforms such as Zoom, Slack, Skype, and Google Meet have already been familiar professionals wanting to stay connected to their teams and continue with their work in a seamless manner.  

Another one of these popular collaborative platforms is Microsoft Teams – a hub for teamwork in Office 365.  

Microsoft Teams allows employees and senior management of an organization to come together on a single unified platform for communicating in groups sending direct chat messages, sharing important files and documents, access organization-specific apps, make audio/video calls, and make sure that everyone is on the same page.  

The streamlined virtual workspace has allowed businesses and professionals across the world to work efficiently in the absence of a physical workplace.  

Here are some major statistics that prove the successful adoption of Microsoft Teams by companies across the globe: 

  • In 2020, Microsoft Teams added 95 million new users, making it one of the fastest-growing collaborative platforms during the pandemic. (Source: BusinessOfApps

  • The platform has 145 million active members as of April 2021. (Source: Statista

  • The number of weekly Microsoft Teams mobile users increased by 300% between February 2020 and March 31st, 2020. (Source: Microsoft

  • More than 500,000 organizations use Microsoft Teams as their default messaging platform. (Source: BusinessOfApps

  • Microsoft Teams is available in 181 countries and in 44 languages. (Source: The Total Economic Impact Of Microsoft Teams

Looking at these statistics, it can be clearly inferred that Microsoft Teams is being preferred by an array of organizations across multiple industries to collaborate with their employees and streamline business communication.  

Major Benefits Of Using Microsoft Teams

An Alternative To Work Emails  

Employees often spend a lot of their time sending and checking emails on a daily basis. They often resort to sending an email even if they have a quick question to ask a colleague. Now that people are working remotely, physically reaching out to peers is not possible and drafting an email to get a simple answer is nothing short of a waste of time.  

In such a situation, Microsoft Teams allows your employees to communicate with each other in real-time through direct messaging. Instead of having to create a unique subject line, draft an email, and waiting for a response, the Chat feature of Microsoft Teams allows your employee to reach out to their peers directly and have a quick conversation without wasting their time.  

Streamlining Group Chats  

Just like the platform allows employees to communicate with each other through direct messages, it allows them to create dedicated groups to interact with the team members pertaining to a common project, client, or any matter with a common interest. Instead of following a long thread of emails or conducting online meetings every time, there is a need for discussion, group chat allows your employees to be on the same page and communicate with each other effectively.  

Seamless Video Calling  

Whether you want to conduct an interview, host a team meeting, reach out to your employees, give a client presentation, or simply want to chat with your teammates, Microsoft Teams allows you to do so through a convenient video calling feature. The platform allows employees to connect with each other from any device and share documents during the course of a video call, bringing them as close to an in-person meeting as possible.  

Planning Your Work With Microsoft Planner App  

If you are willing to organize your processes and plan your course of action in an effective way, you can include the Microsoft Planner app in Teams. The app will allow you to keep a track of all the activities performed by you and your team on a daily basis and help you plan a definite course of action for all your projects.  

Centralized Platform To Access Microsoft Suite  

If your organization uses Microsoft Office Suite, Teams allows you to access all the Office 365 tools, platforms, and applications from a single centralized platform. Once you are on Microsoft Teams, you will no longer need to switch platforms for performing specific activities.  

Microsoft Teams makes sure that every file and document shared by your employees is stored in the original chat, team, or channel through seamless SharePoint or OneNote integrations. It also allows users to pin important files to access them at once, whenever required. This helps your employees save a good amount of their time while working.  

Efficient Mobile Customization  

If there are employees within an organization without a laptop/desktop, they can still be a part of your virtual workspace by logging in to Microsoft Teams from their mobile devices. The mobile version of Teams provides users with the same features on a handy user interface.  

Also, the mobile version of the platform can be used by employees involved in fieldwork or the ones who need to stay updated while they are traveling. Using Microsoft Teams mobile, your employees can log in from anywhere and at any time without any hassle. Moreover, it allows your employees to make calls (video and audio) to their contacts directly from their mobile devices for easy and convenient communication.  

Streamlining The Scheduling Of Meetings  

By integrating with Outlook, Microsoft Teams allows its users to schedule and keep a track of meetings across the board. All you need to do is select the Calendar option, click on New Meeting and Scheduling Assistant to see your open time overlap in an easy and effective format.  

After you plan your schedule, your calendar will always be available in your system and could be readily synced with an array of Office tools for organized management.  

Activity Feed  

The Activity Feed in Microsoft Teams provides your employees with all the necessary updates they need to start their day. Every time they log in to the platform, the feed provides them with information about the work done by specific team members, the meeting schedules, and the tasks they are expected to complete during the day. At any time of the day, your employees can take a quick look at the Activity Feed and get updated with everything happening within the organization that is worth knowing.  

Using Microsoft Teams For IT Support Through  

One of the biggest advantages of implementing Microsoft Teams in your organization is that it can be used for providing IT support to your employees., an AI-based IT service desk, is integrated with Microsoft Teams to help you provide seamless support to your employees.  

This modern employee service desk is designed to help organizations overcome the issues faced by the employees using the traditional service desks. The older service desks often failed to provide personalized IT support to the employees, leaving them clueless and helpless. makes sure that you understand the individual issues faced by your employees and provide solutions that are tailored just for them by using technologies like AI and machine learning.  

Conversational AI (The Use Of Chatbots) makes use of conversational AI to help guide your employees in obtaining all possible help from the IT help desk. This allows them to interact with AI chatbots, ask them questions, and give them commands to make their work easier.  

These virtual assistants eliminate the need for deploying support agents for providing front-end support to your employees. They assist your employees as soon as they log into the service desk and stay with them until their issue is resolved in a satisfactory way.  

When an employee asks a question or raises an issue, the AI chatbots would look into the enterprise knowledge base and come up with answers that are unique for the concerned employee within a few seconds. As opposed to waiting for obtaining the simplest solutions using the traditional service desks, makes sure that your employees’ work is never affected.  

Agents For Back-end Support  

It is important to note that does not completely eliminate support agents from the equation. If your employees are not satisfied with the help provided by the AI chatbots, they can get their cases routed to suitable agents. These agents will look into specific cases and provide personalized assistant to every employee.  

Unlike a traditional IT service desk, the agents here are not overburdened with requests as most cases are handled by the chatbots. This allows them to focus on the cases they receive and provide streamlined help to your employees.  

Whenever the cases are directed to support agents, the AI chatbots act as a single-point contact between the agent and the employee looking for help. They carry the solution provided by the agent to the concerned employee as quickly and effectively as possible.  

Use Of Enterprise Knowledge  

The knowledge base of an enterprise is capable to provide answers to almost every question that an employee can have regarding their job and the organization they work in. When integrates with Microsoft Teams, it allows you to scan your knowledge base to provide personalized answers to the questions asked by your employees, instead of providing texts and manuals with little relevance.  

Moreover, advanced knowledge management allows your IT help desk to provide solutions in a variety of formats, including images, videos, animations, and infographics. In an age where audio-visual media platforms are gaining prominence, your employees are more likely to retain information provided to them in an engaging manner.  

Seamless Task Automation  

The last thing an IT employee would want is to be responsible for performing repetitive actions. Gone are the days when organizations had dedicated employees to take care of processes such as changing passwords, resetting passwords, and verifying credentials.  

Apart from providing personalized solutions to the issues faced by your employees, helps you automate repetitive tasks by setting up specific triggers for the same. For example, whenever an employee wants to change their login password, the trigger would send the employee’s details to the back-end system where their identity will be verified without any human interference. The employee would then be asked to set a new password, confirm the same, and complete the task themselves.  

This helps your employees save time in getting such tasks performed and reduces dependency on the IT team for carrying out repetitive tasks.  

Training Your Employees In Micro-skills  

There is no limit to training and education. If you are willing to get your employees trained in specific micro-skills, you can feed relevant training resources within your knowledge base and will help your employees train themselves.  

This allows you to cut down your training costs and make your employees more independent. When they would be able to obtain extensive training for honing their skills on the same platform they apply these skills on, it would make them increasingly self-reliant. Ultimately, self-reliant employees are more engaged, leading to higher organizational productivity.  

Understanding The Context  

Finally, understands the questions asked and queries raised by your employees. This is because the AI help desk makes keeps a track of the history of interactions between the service desk and each of your employees. This makes the system aware of where an employee is coming from as soon as they log into the IT service desk. When your employees obtain exactly the answers and suggestions that they have been searching for, it makes them feel valued by the company they work in.  

The Final Word  

Microsoft Teams has already found substantial user adoption over the last year. This functionality can further be leveraged by integrating it with and providing your employees with wholesome support.

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