Why Automating Hr Service Desk Should Be One Of Your Goals

Why Automating Hr Service Desk Should Be One Of Your Goals
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Your HR has many roles to fill within the organization. As a result, they might find themselves swamped with too many tasks to perform effectively and efficiently. Consider offloading some of their workloads by investing in one of the most useful HR automation examples — an automated service desk. 

According to Deloitte, 73% of businesses nowadays recognize the importance of automation in HR. It helps streamline their workflows and provides better support for your HR employees. And the most common aspect of automating within your HR is your employee services. 

With that, here are some of the reasons you should aim for automating your HR service desk. 

Reasons to automate your HR service desk

  1. Increases HR productivity

    As your business grows, the more complex employee management can get. That means more work for your HR staff. But if they remain burdened by menial tasks, they might fail to cope with your organization’s growth.

    By automating your service desk, you can free up your HR staff and allow them to take on more responsibilities. They can simply leave all the administrative and repetitive tasks to your chosen automation software. As a result, this can increase their overall productivity and improve their performance in the process.

    An automated service desk covers various HR processes that can be automated. This includes:

    - Onboarding and offboarding

    - Managing employees’ requests

    - Responding to employees’ queries

    - Updating knowledge database

    - Operating your ticketing system

    - Managing your service desk in real-time

  2. Allows employee self-service

    Employees often go to HR whenever they have some requests or questions about their payroll, timesheets, benefits, and everything else. Manually accommodating each one can be inefficient and time-consuming for both your HR team and employees. Save up on time and effort by allowing employee self-service. Automating your service desk means you can let your employees attend to do their needs without the interference of HR.

    One example is setting up a FAQ (frequently answered questions) page. This allows your employees to find the right answers to their questions instantly. All they have to do is search it in the database.

    You can also provide a self-service option when it comes to managing their leaves and payrolls. Your employees can personally file their requests. This way, your HR will simply have to approve or disapprove in the end.

  3. Keeps communication lines open

    Some employees might demand urgent attention from your HR team. But certain bottlenecks in their workflows might cause some delays in accommodating their requests. As a result, your employees might feel neglected by the organization.

    Hence, your HR team must keep communication lines open for employees. And the best way to do so is by automating your HR service desk. This ensures that no employees are overlooked.

    Using smart chatbots will allow your service desk to operate without forcing your HR employees to man the desk all the time. It can interact with your employees in real-time all on its own. The best thing is that it can even work beyond office hours without asking for any compensation or overtime pay.

  4. Streamlines knowledge management

    When you make information more accessible to your employees, you must ensure that they are getting the right ones. Fortunately, your automated HR service desk can help your HR staff manage and update your knowledge database. Moreover, it centralizes information so that everyone within your organization has a single source of truth.

    This is important, especially with the boost in remote work. With the majority of your workforce now working from home, you need to ensure that essential policies, information, and services remain accessible to them. Your automated HR service desk can allow them to retrieve such data and documents anytime and anywhere.

    Likewise, your HR team doesn’t have to track and edit your knowledge database religiously. Your software will do it for them instead.

  5. Improves employee satisfaction

    You might be wondering, what is automated HR experience? Some might think that only your HR team will benefit from it. After all, it only automates HR tasks. That means your HR staff has lesser things to worry about. But in truth, an automated service desk aims to extend and improve support for all employees within the organization—not only your HR team.

    Having an efficient employee service desk means you can accommodate all their demands, requests, and questions. Likewise, it reduces waiting time, allowing your employees to resolve issues and concerns in one sitting. This can make your employees feel more valued within the organization. 

Embracing HR automation

There is a common misconception among HR teams where they think automation will be stealing their jobs away. But that’s not the case. HR automation aims to assist HR staff and push them to become better at their jobs.

If you are an HR professional searching for your next career, you might ask, what can you do with a human resources degree? With HR automation becoming more prevalent, the answer is a lot. The human resource remain a vital aspect of any business. Hence, a degree in human resources still opens many career opportunities for anyone. Meanwhile, if you’re a business owner or manager, it’s also best to consider applications with relevant background, skills, experience and education in the field. 

With that, it is high time you explore what HR automation can offer to your business. Check out software like to find out more about automated HR service desks.

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