Why Do You Need To Automate Employee Knowledge Management?

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Why Do You Need To Automate Employee Knowledge Management?
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The power of knowledge is known across the world. People from every walk of life have utilized knowledge as a tool, weapon, and an instrument for change. However, leaving the social references aside, let us discuss how important knowledge is for business enterprises. 

Enterprise knowledge is a compilation of valuable information about the essence of an organization. From encapsulating the company culture and business goals to guiding business processes carried out in an organization, enterprise knowledge is the key to every lock of resourceful information! 

However, such a valuable source of information is often left under-utilized by businesses, often due to a lack of information and resources to optimize the knowledge base. The knowledge base is often confused with the database stored within an organization, leading to half-baked processes and an inefficient approach to employee support. 

The Importance Of Employee Knowledge Management

Employee knowledge managementis the essence of all employee support processes carried out in an organization. It allows employees to obtain the right assistance and get the right answers to their questions out of the treasury of the enterprise knowledge base. 

Knowledge management is important to streamline the support provided by an organization to its employees. Whether an employee is not able to open a file or needs help in programming the most complex, employee knowledge management makes sure that the right employee gets offered the right solution. 

However, traditional knowledge management tactics fail to optimize the exploitation of your enterprise knowledge. They make use of limited resource material for providing employee support, which is vague, time-consuming, and overall inefficient. 

Not only does this make it difficult for the employees to get precise answers to their questions, but it also affects the productivity of your organization. Traditional knowledge managementputs all the pressure on your employees to create and track their tickets, waiting to get their issues resolved by the agents on a priority basis. This is highly inefficient in the current scenario, where digitization has seeped into almost every business process. 

Why Should You Automate Employee Knowledge Management?

Today, no employee wants to spend their time and effort in seeking support that is fragmented and slow. When enterprise knowledge is managed manually, the results are inefficient. 

When you automate the process, you allow your employees to obtain precise answers to their questions with minimal effort. AI-driven employee service desks allow seamless knowledge management, helping you store and deliver holistic resource materials for your employees. 

Here are some of the key reasons why you should automate employee knowledge management: 

  1. Integrated Employee Support
    When you automate knowledge management using AI service desks, you can seamlessly integrate employee support for employees working in all departments of your organization.
  2. Whether an HR employee has issues with the payroll software, a sales representative needs help with CRM, or an accountant is stuck in calculating financial accounts, an integrated service desk will allow all of them to log into a single unified platform to get their issues resolved.
  3. This helps you get rid of the confusion employees faced in finding the right platform to obtain support in the case of traditional knowledge management.

  4. No Need For Manual Ticketing System
    When you automate employee knowledge management using AI platforms, you can completely eliminate the manual ticketing system. One such example is, the AI service desk used in Microsoft Teams.
  5. makes use of virtual assistants to help the users solve their issues. Instead of reaching out to the dedicated agents directly, the users can engage with the AI chatbots and obtain quick answers to their questions. In case the chatbots are not able to resolve an issue, they create a ticket and route the case to the dedicated experts.
  6. Here, tickets are created and managed without the employees knowing about it. AI service desks like make sure that your knowledge base is exploited in the best way possible to provide precise and unique solutions to your employees’ problems.

  7. Seamless Mobile Customization
    Earlier, employee knowledge management was a process that was limited to laptops and desktops. However, as business processes are getting increasingly automated, the use of business apps for smaller screens has become more prominent.
  8. When you automate knowledge management using smart employee service desks, you can customize the platform for mobile phones and tablets of your employees. It is likely for some organizations to have a few employees who do not work on laptops or desktops. In such situations, mobile customizations allow them to obtain seamless employee support at their fingertips.

  9. Tracking History
    The use of conversational AI for your employee service desk allows the platform to keep track of all conversations made with all the employees. The system stores important data for every employee and uses the same in subsequent interactions with them.
  10. In other words, an AI service desk understands the context of an issue when raised by an employee. The virtual assistant will scan the knowledge base according to this context and will come up with a solution that is bound to satisfy the users.

  11. Knowledge Management For Employee Training
    On automating employee knowledge management, you can provide extensive training to your employee and teach them specific important skills for their jobs. You can add interactive and holistic training resources in your enterprise knowledge base to allow the help desk to provide step-by-step training to your employees.
  12. When your automated help desk can do the job of training your employees, you can cut down your employee training cost. Moreover, when your employees do not need to depend on anyone for getting trained and obtaining help, their independence manifests in the form of higher productivity.

The Final Word 

We have reached a stage where process automation is becoming the need of the hour and traditional approaches are getting lost in oblivion. Owing to increased diversification in all industries and the complexity of business processes, automation is the only effective way to manage your enterprise knowledge.

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