Why Employees Don’T Use Traditional Service Desk

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Why Employees Don’T Use Traditional Service Desk
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Traditional Self-Service portals or Service Desks are supposed to provide quick information to an employee query. But, if these portals were really that efficient, then why don’t employees use them.

The portals might provide all the steps in written or with how-to-do-it yourself guides. But still, users get in touch with the support agents. Have you thought- why? Why is it not reducing the number of calls or emails the support team receives? Why are the service portals failing to serve their employees? If yes, then what can be the solution?

Keep reading to explore the reasons why employees don’t like using self-help portals. Also, as a bonus find out the solution and upgrade/replace the under-utilized service delivery portals of your organization.

4 reasons why employees don’t use Traditional Service Desk

1) Insufficient information source:

If an employee needs any help with an issue, he is expected to search for the information on a service portal. Most of the times, the employee would exit the portal because of two reasons: -

  • Lack of proper content – The content found on the portal might not address the exact pain points of the employee

  • Outdated information - Employee portals need regular content audits and content updating. Failing to do this, portals will not help employees find solutions to their issues.

2) Complex information on simple issues:

Let us take Medical claims in the HR Department as an example. This is one of the areas where employees reach out to the HR help desk despite having an employee portal. Why? Employees have to read, understand, and follow the steps mentioned on the portal which is not an easy or ideal process. If employees feel it is taking too much time, they reach out to the support desk via email or phone call.

3) Lack of Quick Support:

When employees need help, imagine their state of mind. They are already disturbed by an issue and they are looking for quick help. Often, employees look for quick support - short videos, infographics, or even chat-based support where they could find solutions straight away. The traditional employee desks fail to display information the way employees want.

4) Lack of training and awareness about the portal:

If the content is updated with regular content audits, the employees need to be constantly updated on the same. Only having a portal doesn’t work, it needs internal marketing which increases the chances of employees using the portal. Therefore, employees need training and regular communication about the upgrades made on the portal. This has become even more prominent during this pandemic where employees are working remotely.

With the changing work culture, it is pretty clear that the traditional service desks need to change. This is where Automated AI-based service desks come into play. Let’s talk briefly about the modern employee help desks.

Why automate Self-Service Portals

From simple administrative tasks like resetting passwords and reporting events, to more complex tasks such as downloading and installing software, a well-designed self-service portal is very crucial for a "permanent" solution of auto-resolve employee issues.

Implementing Automated Support

An automated employee service desk is designed to help employees get solutions to their issues at their fingertips. Organizations are leveraging the technology of AI-powered chatbots. This can automate the process of finding the solutions to the employee queries in a single-window within seconds.

Automated AI helps the employees by either providing the right information, triaging an issue, performing a task, or creating a ticket on behalf of the employee. It can also pull in an expert for live chat for more complex issues. And it does all this typically within 10 to 15 seconds! If the employee is not satisfied with what the chatbots have to offer, it automatically creates a ticket.

Bottom line:

Automated employee service desks are replacing the existing employee self-service portals. The sooner enterprises realize this, the better.

If you can relate to any of the reasons listed above or if you are looking to improve employee experience write to us.

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