Why Is Conversational Ai Important In 2021?

Why Is Conversational Ai Important In 2021?

Why Is Conversational Ai Important In 2021?

Why Is Conversational Ai Important In 2021?
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Effective communication is the key to running an organization smoothly. Business processes are carried out efficiently when there is a free flow of communication across all levels within an organization. 

However, as we go further into 2021, conversations within an organization are not limited to humans. The advent of conversational AI allows your employees to interact with an AI-enabled system and get their issues resolved. 

Conversational AI makes use of virtual assistants for interacting with the users, understanding their problems, and providing a satisfactory solution to the same. This technology eliminates the need for having service executives employed for attending to every question raised by the employees. 

The traditional method of having support agents is less likely to work in 2021 when digitization is at its peak and the need for personalization is steadily increasing. Your employees will no longer wait for hours to get their questions answered and compromise their work for the same. This is one of the reasons why traditional service desks are getting redundant with time. 

Conversational AI has changed the concept of an employee service desk completely. It has replaced the tedious and generic processes with automated, quick, and precise solutions. 

Over time, several organizations have implemented this technology for providing better support to their employees. Microsoft Teams, one of the major collaborative platforms used in 2020 by professionals across the world, can now be used as an AI service desk for improved resolution of problems. 

Modern Employee Service Desks like use conversational AI to eliminate the need to create and manage tickets manually right within Microsoft Teams. It makes the ticketing system invisible by providing interactive front-end support via chatbots. These virtual assistants take up all the problems faced by all the employees within an organization and handle each of them in a personalized way. 

Moreover, conversational AI takes up the responsibility of opening, managing, and closing tickets on behalf of the users, relieving them of spending their time and effort in doing the same. Service desks like make it possible for an organization to provide unified and seamless employee support by employing virtual assistants to handle all employee issues. 

Conversational AI is the need of the hour and its relevance will only increase in the years to follow. Let us discuss some of the ways in which the technology is important in 2021. 

Why is Conversational AI Important

A “Human” Approach 

The biggest advantage of using conversational AI within your organization is the fact that it combines the expertise of a machine and the conversational skills of a human. 

Instead of handing out generic material and resources in the name of employee support, virtual assistants engage in a conversation with the users and guide them all the way to the solution. The technology allows users to get the feeling of talking to a human service agent, making the overall experience much better. 

Understanding The Context 

Through conversational AI, you can provide a unique answer to every question raised by every employee. This is because the technology allows virtual assistants to go through the history of conversations with the concerned employee, understand their perspective, and provide them with a solution that works best for them. 

Again, such an approach towards solving issues brings an AI service desk closest to a human agent understanding the questions and answering them accordingly. 

A Consistent Support 

Thankfully, chatbots never get tired of providing support to your employees! This allows enterprises to provide consistent support to the employees at any time of the day. All they need to do is log onto the platform and the virtual assistant is ready to help them. 

Improved Productivity 

Looking at the issues businesses have had during the COVID situation, it is important for organizations to bounce back and leverage their overall productivity in 2021. 

With conversational AI, employees spend less time looking for answers and waiting for the right response. Naturally, this gives them more time to focus on their jobs and work more effectively. Also, an AI employee service desk makes sure that your employees are thorough with their tasks have a doubt regarding any aspect of their jobs. 

Further, the modern service desks can be used for training employees in specific skills. The technology allows you to put all relevant training resources at your employees’ disposal and make them self-reliant. This not only helps you cut down training costs but also makes your employees increasingly independent, ultimately leading to increased productivity. 

Flexible Employee Support 

Conversational AI in 2021 is not limited to the big screens of desktops and laptops. Seamless mobile customizations allow you to help your employees interact with the virtual assistants at any time and from anywhere. 

It is very likely that an organization has employees who do not use laptops/desktops while working. For these users, a handy mobile application puts seamless employee support at their fingertips! 

No Departmental Restrictions 

The use of conversational AI in your service desk provides all your employees with a single point of contact with the virtual assistant. Unlike traditional ITSM, the same service desk can be used for employees belonging to any department, be it HR, Marketing, Finance, or IT. 

Instead of a support system that is fragmented right from the get-go, conversational AI allows you to have common L1 support, which can be further fragmented (L2/L3) for providing specific assistance to the employees. 

Optimum Use Of Knowledge Base 

Based on the question asked and the issue raised, conversational AI will make the virtual assistant scan through your knowledge base, select the solution that best answers the question, and get back to your employee within seconds. This allows your service desk to utilize your enterprise knowledge base in the best way possible. 

The Final Word 

2020 has made everyone familiar with virtual workplaces and digitized business processes. In 2021, the digital trend will only go uphill, making it imperative for organizations to switch to smarter and more automated platforms. By implementing conversational AI, you can take the first step towards making things easier for you and your team alike!

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