Devops Devsecops

We are currently looking for a DevOps/DevSecOps, someone who can speak with any cloud provider and create automated scalable deployments of any complexity, also interested in security

Duties & Responsibilities

Delivering a reliable and scalable cloud-based educational Software-as-a-Service to our customers

Designing automation, monitoring, deployment, configuration, service discovery tools and services

Delivering simple yet robust software solutions by collaborating cross-functionally with internal/external customers

Performing routine assessments of the Group’s software security landscape, identifying possible improvements with the minimum disruption

Performing source code and deployment scans for vulnerabilities and following up on the remediation of findings with the development team

Developing security reports about the current state of infrastructure and deployments.

Working closely with developers, adding security gates into CI/CD systems

Following up on issue resolution and documentation with vendors and other IT personnel

Integration of OWASP and automation testing in pipelines for package scanning and shift left testing.

Qualifications & Experience

1 - 2+ years of cloud DevOps or DevSecOps experience

Extensive experience working with Microsoft Azure

Good experience on Jenkins .

Proficiency in containers and orchestration platforms (Kubernetes, Docker, Helm), infrastructure orchestration tools (Terraform), continuous integration and delivery tools (GitLab CI)

Understanding of RBAC, pod identity, key management and security monitoring.

Scripting language programming skills

Exposure to the administration of application servers, web servers, and databases

Knowledge of modern vulnerability security scanners.

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