Actionable Science and Help Desk Technology Announce Strategic Partnership

Mar 29, 2022

Press Release ( - CA, USA - Oct 09, 2020 - Actionable Science and Help Desk Technology (HDT) are pleased to announce their global strategic partnership to integrate Actionable Science’s AI-powered conversational Virtual Assistant called “JAMES” with HDT’s ServicePRO® Service Desk Software.

The partnership will enable both the companies to leverage mutually complementary elements of their solutions. HDT will now offer JAMES with ServicePRO® to their customers, thus providing AI-driven “auto-resolution” and service request creation solutions and AI help desk to their customers enabling them to use the ServicePRO® platform to track the status until resolution.

The resultant joint solution will serve the customer and employees of their clients better by:

  • Being accessible anytime, anywhere, any device and from various channels
  • Providing auto-resolution to repetitive questions and task quickly
  • Saving effort in creating, updating and getting status of service requests
  • Creating accurate service requests using powerful templates and
  • Increasing auto-resolution through a learning function.

“We are excited to collaborate with Help Desk Technology, a global leader in providing help desk, service desk and workflow management software,” said Kumar V.S., CGO and Co-founder of Actionable-Science. “This partnership enables us to help more enterprises meet their digital business transformation goals. Having our JAMES available for ServicePRO® customers will enable more organizations to have access to the right tools to increase self-service adoption and enable “auto-resolution” to automate Service Desk tasks which will bring significant value and savings to the organization.”

“There has been great traction towards adoption of Conversational AI-based solutions to automate support desk services and Actionable Science’s JAMES can help us in addressing such demands from clients. Our clients are seeking an AI-based interactive approach for their customers’ self-service needs and JAMES will fulfill that requirement for them. By offering Actionable Science’s JAMES, we help our customers transform their business-critical support desk functions to be more efficient and productive,” said Prabah Gamage, Professional Services Manager at Help Desk Technology.

Help Desk Technology’s ServicePRO® is an enterprise service desk software that improves customer service by automating the entire service request cycle. ServicePRO® is available as a cloud hosted solution as well as an on-premise installation. ServicePRO® is a cohesive, unified service desk platform providing full visibility into an organization’s operations while maintaining security requirements of individual departments. From support requests to departmental workflows to company-wide processes, ServicePRO® makes it easy to automate workflows.

About Actionable Science Actionable Science (, head quartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, is a fast growing, leading provider of an auto-resolution platform for employee and customer service. Actionable Science’s Rezolve™ platform leverages industry leading five Artificial Intelligence powered skills to deliver quick and fully automated support for areas like IT help desk solutions, HR, and Customer Support. Rezolve™ platform makes it easy for business to harness power of AI to deliver better employee and customer service while reducing cost. Actionable Science is a member of the Microsoft Gold Partner and is SOC2 and GDPR compliant.

About Help Desk Technology Help Desk Technology (HDT) is a leading provider of enterprise and service desk software with more than 25 years of experience working with customers across various industries, school districts, colleges and universities, health care organizations and government organizations around the world. Help Desk Technology has been developing, marketing, selling, and supporting service desk software to manage service / help desks and facilitate workflow automation.

HDT’s ServicePRO® software streamlines business processes to improve efficiency and results, empowers end-users with self-service capabilities and optimizes service delivery. Help Desk Technology enables its customers to improve their productivity, efficiency and profitability by enhancing the ability of organizations to retain the knowledge and processes developed by its employees in a single organized source.

For more information, please contact:

Kumar V.S.,

CGO and Co-Founder,

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