Announces its Integration with ChatGPT to Revolutionize Employee Support

Feb 8, 2023

Dublin, California-United States, Feb 7, 2023:, an automated employee service desk provider based in CA, announced its integration with ChatGPT, an innovation by OpenAI to enhance your service desk agents with AI-powered suggestions to take their game to the next level. By utilizing the advanced AI capabilities of ChatGPT,'s chatbot will be able to offer more informed and efficient assistance to employees, elevating the overall quality of the service desk experience. The integration with ChatGPT represents a commitment to innovation and a dedication to providing top-notch support and personalized support to employees.

Talking to the media, Saurabh Kumar, the CEO of said that the integration ChatGPT into aims to elevate the service desk industry to new heights.

“ is dedicated to offering seamless and prompt support to employees. Our service desk platform functions as an intelligent chatbot within MS Teams, easily determining employee needs and offering the right help by answering questions, triaging issues, or creating tickets. For more complex problems, employees can also contact a dedicated service desk agent. The new integration with ChatGPT will allow employees to quickly receive solutions to IT and HR-related issues through conversational AI. Also, it will save support agents time by suggesting knowledge content, crafting first response emails and training the bot”, said Saurabh Kumar.

Manish Sharma, COO of said that this is a huge step towards a fully automated employee service desk and will greatly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization's operations.

" is a leading AI-powered service desk that works in MS Teams, and we're now bringing the potential of ChatGPT to the service desk arena. has always been at the forefront of automation that can resolve up to 65% of employee issues. By incorporating ChatGPT into our advanced AI-powered service desk, is setting a new standard for service desk efficiency. The integration of ChatGPT acts as a helpful tool for service desk agents, providing them with the information they need to effectively address employee inquiries. This integration is just the beginning of's mission to revolutionize the employee support experience, and our team is excited to bring this technology to our clients”, said Manish Sharma. has made significant advancements within Microsoft Teams, including but not limited to:

  • An intelligent chatbot to automate routine tasks
  • The ability to run PowerShell scripts
  • Automated employee onboarding and offboarding
  • Advanced knowledge management
  • A robust integration hub and studio
  • The capability to process approvals within Teams.


As a premier provider of AI-powered service desks, has been at the forefront of introducing cutting-edge AI innovations to the industry. As a next-gen automated service desk, it offers tailored support to employees through their preferred channel, MS Teams. prioritizes resolving common employee issues quickly, with its conversational AI app available within MS Teams providing instant support.

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